Winny at end of Dbol/Test cycle?

  1. Winny at end of Dbol/Test cycle?

    I've been doing a cycle of:

    Weeks 1-6 Dianabol 35mg/day
    Weeks 1-12 Testosterone cypionate 500mg/week

    and I'm about to start week 8. My question is would it be ok to start taking some winstrol tabs towards the end of the cycle, after already taking dianabol at the start. I'm not sure where people stand on the idea of taking two orals in a cycle so I thought I'd run the idea by everyone to see if it's alright.

  2. Well i think its alright. i'm about to do the same thing.

    this is what i'm running.

  3. i think its cool. but you should give your body 4 weeks so i would say run the winny weeks 11-14

  4. Ok, good to see other people are doing it too. I'll run it weeks 11-14 as recommended.

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