Need some advice

  1. Need some advice

    I just started steroids again.... I am 18 years old fresh out of highschool i weigh 160.

    i am 2 weeks into my testorone and i just started taken my trenabol today

    I am taking a 10 week cycle of testosrone enathate 2 cc once a week

    I am also taking 6 week cycle of trenabol actate .5 cc every other day

  2. *Waits for the flames*

  3. I see no question here, just statements.


  4. Here is the advice you need.

    1. You're 18 and if you read the rules you'll see that your thread breaks them.

    2. To get advice you have to have a question

    3. You're too young and too uninformed to even consider a cycle.

    4. At 160 pounds and 18 all the testosterone you need is in the food you apparently are not eating.

    5. Please don't make another thread like this and spend that time instead, reading up on the information you will find throughout the site that will not just patch up your situation but will provide you with a life long, healthy lifestyle.

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