Need advice T4 thyroxine and 8 week cycle

  1. Need advice T4 thyroxine and 8 week cycle

    I have been planning a cycle to do over this summer, a 4 week bulker then 4 week cutter, and I need some advice. Previously I have done a 1-testosterone cycle, methyl Dien + MOHN, and also 6 week superdrol + pheraplex cycle with excellent results in the past. This would be my first time with thyroid chemicals and just need a little guidance before I jump in the deep end. I read a suggestion to take T4 something like this:

    Days 1&2: 200mcgs
    Days 3&4: 300mcgs
    Days 5-23: 400mcgs
    Days 24&25: 300mcgs
    Days 26&27: 200mcgs
    Days 28-32 : 150mcgs
    Days 33-36 : 100mcgs
    Days 37-42 : 50 mcgs

    Would this be more advantageous at 6 weeks than to run it over 4 weeks? What about the doses?

    Any advice or constructive criticism on the following cycle I am about to describe would be very welcome too!

    These are the following anabolics I have for the cycle:

    1)Superdrol bottle,

    2) I have the old prohormone stack by Fizogen called ON CYCLE (take every other day), 6capsules per serving contains:
    1-test - 200mg
    4AD - 75mg
    19Nordiol - 75mg
    4-hydroxyandrostenedione - 50mg
    Milk thisle extract
    Licorice Root extract
    Saw Palmetto

    3)H-Drol by Fastaction

    4) Possibly use transdermal 4Androdiol (suggestions please)

    The supplements I have for the cycle are:

    1) Anabolic Innovation's Life Support, which contains:
    Red Yeast Rice 600mg
    Silymarin (milk thistle extract) 500mg
    NAC 600mg
    Hawthron Bery 500mg
    Saw Palmetto 150mg
    Policosonol 10mg
    Celery Seed Extract 125mg
    Nettle Root 125mg
    Idebenone 100mg

    2) 2 x tubs Beverly Beef Liver 500tabs, which I personally believe will be a great addition to this cycle!! BCAAs, full range of B vitamins + iron + more...

    3)Taurine - cramps & muscle growth

    4)Hawthorne + Milkthistle - both ON and post cycle therapy ; liver & blood pressure

    5)L-tyrosine - should lift mood on cutter & improve thyroid functioning

    6)PowerFULL + Cissus - for PCT, libido + training purposes!

    7) 1 gram tribulus, 1 gram Maca root powder, 50mg DHEA supplemented for PCT to stimulate natural hormones back into full swing, this stack usually picks up my mood & libido goes through the roof

    8) Kelp - to help recover the thyroid function

    9)Albuterol - fat burner, ran in PCT for improving cholesterol & lipids, but also maintaining muscle strength & keeping up the metabolism from stopping the T-4 thyroxine.

    10) Raloxifene - a SERM for PCT. After reading the toxicity and progesterone receptor stimulation by nolvadex (Everything Thatís Wrong With Your PCT) I think I'll try the ralox instead.

    11) Fish oil & Flax seed oil

    12) Multivits, Vit. C, Zinc, Magnesium, selenium & Calcium


    WEEK 1 -
    Superdrol 10mg
    1Test/4ad/19Nor STACK - EOD,
    Anabolic Innovation's Life Support,
    Beverly Beef Liver 40,

    WEEK 2 -
    Superdrol 20mg,
    1Test/4ad/19Nor STACK - EOD,
    Anabolic Innovation's Life Support,
    Beverly Beef Liver 40,

    WEEK 3 -
    Superdrol 20-30mg,
    1Test/4ad/19Nor STACK - EOD,
    Anabolic Innovation's Life Support,
    Beverly Beef Liver 40,

    WEEK 4 -
    Superdrol 30mg,
    1Test/4ad/19Nor STACK - EOD,
    Anabolic Innovation's Life Support,
    Beverly Beef Liver 40,

    WEEK 5 - WEEK 8

    H-Drol 50mg,
    T4 l-thyroxine,
    Beverly Beef Liver 40,
    Hawthorne + Milk Thistle,

    WEEKS 9-12

    PowerFULL + Cissus,
    Kelp - thyroid post cycle therapy,
    Hawthorne + Milk Thistle

    I have given it a lot of consideration, included all the supplements I can think of that will combat side effects and give a better health on cycle. Water intake will be around 1-2 gallons a day. Adjustments; probably include the Taurine in weeks 5-8 aswell. Also the l-tyrosine through PCT for thyroid function.

    There are a few things wrong / I know these will be mentioned:

    - Just do an cycle of injectable test
    Well that'll be a futue cycle plan...

    - Too much methylated/orals...
    I know! but they arent stacked together or overdosed! Supplements should help to repair some/any damage.

    - that Fizogen ON CYCLE is crap its underdosed & way too much in one stack..
    I hear the 1-test + Superdrol is great together in a cycle! Thats why its added here... should aid training days & recovery at least.

    Any thoughts/ideas? Should I add the transdermal 4AD in the bulker week? Should I add an ECA in with the 4 week cutting?

    Please be gentle

  2. Got my answer about the T4, Dr.D posted something on it here: thyroxine

    Any views on the cycle?

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