Irongame's 1 Test/4 AD cycle log

  1. Irongame's 1 Test/4 AD cycle log

    started four week cycle today

    Currently 21 Years Old, 5'10'', 190lbs., 13-15% bf
    Goal: Lean Out, put on good muscle size, strength not important


    6g 1-test 3g 4AD divided over 28 days transdermal
    Post Cycle Week 1 40 mg Liquid Nolva + 100mg Liquid Clomid
    Week 2 & 3 20 mg Liquid Nolva + 40mg Liquid Clomid
    3 Tbsp Flax/day

    Multivitamin 8 AM and 8 PM
    Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg divided over 3X a day

    Nutrition 3700cals 355g protein, 110g fat (9% saturated), 335g carbs

    Meal 1 7:30 150g Cottage Cheese, 125g Fruit Salad, 5 Eggs
    Meal 2 10:30 2 Scoops Optimum Whey, 400ml 1% Milk
    Meal 3 1:00 Turkey Burger on wheat, 250ml 1% Milk
    Meal 4 3:00 1.5 Scoop Optimum Whey, 350ml 1% Milk, Vector Bar
    Meal 5 5:00 1 TBS Peanut Butter, .5 Banana, 2 Scoops American Whey, 400ml Juice.
    Meal 6 7:30 .5 Cup Strawberries, .5 Banana, 400ml juice, 2 Scoops American Whey
    Meal 7 9:30 Chicken Breast, 1cup wild rice, 1 Large Garden Salad, 40g Chedder cheese, 3 Tbs Italian Dressing
    4.5 L Water/Day


    Monday - Legs/Abs

    Squats 3 X 6 Reps
    Leg Press 2 X 6 Reps
    Stiff Deads 2 X 6 Reps
    Standing Calf Raise 3 X 10 Reps
    Seated Calf Raise 2 X 10 Reps
    Side DB Crunches 3 X 15 Reps
    Knee Up Crunches 3 X 20 Reps
    Side Crunches 3 X 20 Reps

    Tuesday - Chest/Forearms

    Smith Bench 3 X 6 Reps
    Smith Decline 3 X 6 Reps
    Smith Incline 3 X 6 Reps
    Reverse Cable Curls 3 X 10 Reps
    Barbell Wrist Curls 3 X 15 Reps

    Wednesday - Back/Traps

    Deads 2 X 6 Reps
    Weighted Pullups 2 X 6 Reps
    V-Bar Pulldowns 3 X 6 Reps
    Straight Bar Rows 3 X 6 Reps
    Machine Shrugs 3 X 6 Reps
    Upright Cable Rows 3 X 6 Reps

    Thursday - Shoulders/Triceps

    Seated Dumbell Press 3 X 6 Reps
    Smith Military Press 3 X 6 Reps
    Side Dumbell Laterals 2 X 6 Reps
    Rear Dumbell Laterals 2 X 6 Reps
    Close Grip Bench 3 X 6 Reps
    V-Bar Pushdowns 3 X 6 Reps
    Overhead Dumbell Ext. 2 X 6 Reps

    Friday - Biceps/Abs

    Alternating DB Curls 3 X 6 Reps
    Hammer Curls 3 X 6 Reps
    EZ Bar Curls 3 X 6 Reps
    Hanging Knee Raises 3 X 12 Reps
    Weighted Ball Crunch 3 X 12 Reps

    Cardio 30min Mon/Wed/Fri

  2. Why are you using nolva and clomid for post cycle??? TTY
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  3. from everything ive read nolva is better anti-e, and clomid is better LH stimulator, I know there is debate, but if I have both and need to keep all my gains, then why not?

  4. You can use the nolva for getting you balls back as well. Clomid is like 152% and Nolva is like 143% or something. Thats all.. But I guess maybe both would work together.. TTY
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  5. I dont see a[problem with it they are pretty cheap and isnt peace of mind worth the 25 $ for clomid?

  6. Day 2

    Well, im not expecting anything major yet, but I am hungrey a LOT!
    I ate 4000cals today, 325 g protein, 350g carbs, the rest fat, and I could still eat. Im worried about staying lean if Im eating this much. But MAN its a chore eating all the time!

    Strength is really good, probably cuz Im eating enough again. Nothing spectacular but noticeable.
    Took measures and pics today as well.

  7. does anyone think my cals or anything else is too high to lean out.

  8. Just don't go any higher... TTY
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  9. Okay, week 1

    I Started last wednesday and I lifted on WED THUR FRI but the GYM WAS CLOSED FROM FRIDAY TO TUESDAY!!! I missed four days at the gym because of the long weekend. This sucks. I obviously haven't made any improvements so, there isn't much to post, other than my weight is up about 3 lbs, but probably not muscle! No sides, this stuff just feels greasy ALL day, it feels sticky and gross. Libido is pretty high, no lethargy, appetite is good.

  10. Day 14

    Nothing major to report. Just be careful of where you apply this **** is you have a g/f. Long story short, my girlfrend was suprised to find her tounge and lips burning like crazy 8 hours after I applied!!

    Im up to about 193 lbs. naked in the morning from 185. I haven;t noticed any major development but I also dont notice any fat deposits getting any larger either. My aggression is fine, hunger is really good, im getting sleepy at random times throughout the day, but nothing an ECA doesn't help. Libido is great (but I also have an amazingly gorgeous g/f so that helps!) no other sides. The first week I was having trouble sleeping and sweating a lot at night, even though I would take my ECA at 11:00 am so that was not the culprit. Strength is up and down but no new records.

  11. well since I have another bottle of 1test and 4ad I was thinking about upping my dosage and continuing another two weeks for a total of 6 and running arimidex throughout. Reason being, I am not seeing much in the line of lean gains with my current dosage and not seeing hardley any sides other than shrinking nuts and a little lethargy and grumpiness. I am also going away to school in september and that will interfere with half of my next four week cycle and post. While I live at home I have more access to food. So whaday think eveyone? Up the dosage and go longer. This would be my last cycle until summer next year at least.

  12. Up doses,
    6gms of 1- test and 3gms of 4-ad are kinda lite. up it or just double it (if your willing to deal with the possible effects)

    Your diet should consist of more solid foods more times a day. (snacks like nuts, pretzels, beef jerky all work wonders for me throughout the day, Not the healthiest but they work. Just stick to low salted foods as well.)

    Lighten up on the cardio. Especially boxing. Its more of a fullbody workout then cardio anyways. Trust me, i normally do it everyother day as well but since im cycling Im not doing it at all. I used to do it for about 2 hrs aday and my shoulders, abs, arms, etc.. would be hurting the next day.Id hit more like 10 mins every otherday if necessary.

    And on the workout.
    You need to gauge yourself. You should never set a solid rep number like 6. average between 8-10. if you hit 8 no problem then go to ten and up the weight next set. You need resistance and repetation. 6 is a good number if your really strugling to get to it but if only doing 2 sets per exercise Id boost the reps up. And I see a majority of your movements are 2 sets each. Try three sets of each. If your tring to stick to the 45min rule then just move faster. But the 45min rule blowwws.

    my thoughts, they dont mean ****, but there their for ya.

    good luck,

  13. well the workouts and diet is a little different. I am only doing cardio 3X weekly, boxing workout. The lifts seem to be going no less than 6 reps and really not much higher than 10. My diet is shaky, im worried about fat but I am getting around 300g protein and 300g carbs and 100g fat but about 150+grams protein is liquid (milk and shakes) I need some advice in my diet, right now all the carbs are really from fruit and milk and juice really. I need to get ripped but I am so sketchy on how to add lean mass only by manipulating my diet. Please help, and I will bump my dosage tommorow.

  14. applied 6 squirts this morning.
    Anyway the strength effects of 1-test are definately starting to kick in.
    Only weeks ago I was struggling to DB press the 90lbs dbs. Today I achieved 110lbs dbs for three reps without a spotter. My best was 100lbs for 4 WITH a spotter. The 90s I just slashed out like they were 60s. Weight is up about 10lbs. and Im looking thicker but not much leaner if at all.

  15. if your goal is to lean out, id probably cut the cals down about 500 or so, mostly carbs. your eating at or over 20 cals/lb. thats a pretty hefty amount for someone trying to lean out. everyone is different, but you can tweak your diet up and down til you find the right amount for you. i'd drop your daily intake 500 cals for a week and see what the results are, then go from there. JMO.

  16. Ok its time top re-evalutate. Im on week 3 and ive gained 12 lbs so far. Im not sure how much is water or fat but my waist is up .5 inch which is unacceptable for me. My cardio trailed off to a couple times a week and my diet has been a lot of protein shakes and then eggs tuna and cheese really. Ive bumped training volume. Im doing AT LEAST 10 sets per muscle group if not more. (legs only 5 and calves 6) I hate doing legs and they are fairly large enough but I have other areas to concentrate on. If I get ONE thing only from this cycle I want it to be more definition in my abs and to GET MY PHUCKING CHEST BIGGER!! I hate my chest, its too soft and has no shape so im working it twice weekly. My diet, well I guess I need help here. at my current weight 197lbs what should I be eating in cals 3000? and what ratios of nutrients and why. I think Im going to start arimidex soon as well to keep any bloat away from my upped dosage.

  17. Redo your diet and eat cleaner to get leaner gains.. Cut out your carbs and take it from there.. I did a cutting cycle and lost probably 10lbs of fat and gained about 3 lbs total. But I did a very low carb diet for one month.. Hope that helps.. TTY
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  18. Be patient. You are cycling with a PH thats known for water gain. Id keep the weight on as trying lose weight while cycling may cause a problem since your already adaptiing your body for a gain. The odds are that once you finish your cycle and start post, youll shed a couple of pounds anyways.
    You could probably knock the Peanut butter, salad dressing and cheese off your diet.they are all high fat foods unless your using lowfat products.

    You stated that you wanted to put on good muscle size in the beginning of the post. You cant grow without eatting alot of food. But you also stated you wanted to lean out.

    My theory is, Get big, then lean. its to hard trying to do both at the same time.
    finish this cycle then do a strick 1-test cycle to lean up some more.

    good luck bro,

  19. well, I NEED to add more size but I gotta keep it lean only. Im not too worried about losing current fat just keeping it away from my gains. If I add lean mass only I will theoretically get leaner because my lean mass is increaseing and lowering my bodyfat percentage. I am just looking way too soft and my diet is really cleaner than it has been normally. Im wondering if its just water retention. Anyhow if I get some liquidex for my last three weeks, how should I dose it and what should I expect from it as far as effectiveness?

  20. Tisk, Tisk,

    You dont already have it. That sucks. Its probably a good idea to make sure you got some around next cycle.

    As far as questions about it, Refer to the stickys


  21. Run it at .25mg a day and see how that works. You should start to drop weight fairly quickly from my experience. Your cals seem really high to me, i was at 190 and taking in 2300 your taking in like 1400 more.

  22. I would definately lower the cals.. I was running around 2500 when I did my last cycle.. TTY
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  23. Originally posted by curt2go
    I would definately lower the cals.. I was running around 2500 when I did my last cycle.. TTY
    Curt, i dont understand this. were u cutting then? cuz i thought that you were a hardgainer. im one also, well for the time being, and im at 210 right now and have to eat 5800 cals just for maintenance.

    on cycle i gotta eat at least 6000 or so to gain some descent mass.

    i dunno if i would say too drop cals Irongame. u might just wanna eat super clean. i find that if i eat a lot of chicken breasts and 3 shakes prefferably MRP's then im pretty cool w/ that. also rice is nice and clean too. i eat Uncle Ben's wild rice. every 2 oz. has 42 grams of carbs, 6 grams of protein, and 1 gram of fat. for a small amount of food, thats some descent quality calories IMO. just try and look for foods that are clean, but dont have to eat a $hitload to get ur cals in each day. thats the biggest problem w/ me. i have to eat so much more of clean foods than not so clean foods to get my intake in each day.

    what is ur ratio of P/C/F? are u montioring w/ skin folds? u should address what needs addressed. in this case, it looks as though that ur gaining not enough muscle that u want, but gaining more fat than u would like. so, id give a good scanning of ur diet and so-forth.

    Diet can always need more work just as ur training, etc. can.

    --good luck..........

  24. well, im going to adjust this diet a bit and cut a few things out. I think I just have a lot of water retention because some days Ill look at myself and think holy **** this stuff is working and then others I soften out a lot. Im going to start a bit of Nolva today for the next few to see how that affects it. Ill start with about 20mg for a few and keep everyone posted.

  25. well not much happening, this stuff really leveled off. Im not sure about my diet though, im a little inconsistant. I think I will dose this stuff a 8 squirts morning and night just to polish it off and see if I can make any last gains. I would like to lean out as much as I can before this is over and my carb cravings are driving me mental. what should my cals and raitios be for my last week or so on this dosage? Should I just bump and try to gain like mad and just do extra cardio or shouldI cut em right back to lean out?


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