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  1. Talking JZ's 6wk PP/M-TRN/ZOL cycle LOG

    Hey Distinguished AM members,

    This looks to be a very fun lean bulk cycle. Looking to get shredded for the summer!

    Components are pretty common, though i havent found a log on all three yet. Plenty of the pp/zol logs of course.


    1) Gain lean mass!
    2) Continue to lose the winter/busy schedule/slacking BF while get some vascularity back.
    3) Improve my strength overall; particularly flat bb bench and dead's.
    4) Dont get injured with all this new strength.

    Cycle 5/28 thru 7/8
    post cycle therapy stg 1 7/9 thru 8/6
    post cycle therapy stg 2 8/7 thru 8/27

    Cycle Schedule:

    wk1- pp 20/zol 200
    wk2- pp 30/zol 200
    wk3- pp 40/zol 250/m-trn 2 mgs (upped to 4mgs at 75% of week competion)
    wk4- pp 40/zol 300/m-trn 4 mgs
    wk5- zol 350/m-trn 6 mgs
    wk6- zol 350/m-trn 6 mgs

    post cycle therapy:

    wk1- Nolva 60mg/d, nutraplanet ATD 25mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, retain2 4 caps/d, FEN 3 caps, CEE
    wk2- Nolva 40mg/d, ATD 25mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, retain2 3 caps/d, FEN 4 caps, CEE
    wk3- Nolva 40mg/d, ATD 50mg/d, DHEA 150mg/d, retain2 2 caps/d, FEN 5 caps, CEE
    wk4- Nolva 20mg/d, JW Reg dose/d, DHEA 100mg/d, retain 2 1 cap/FEN 6 caps, CEE
    wk5- JW reg dose, CEE
    wk6- JW reg dose, CEE
    wk7- JW reg dose, CEE

    Supporting Supps:

    AI's CS 2x/day
    Cissus 2-3x/day as needed
    Flax seed oil
    Mega Multi-Vit/Min


    Starting Weight: 195 lbs
    Ending Weight: 203 lbs (up to 208lbs for two days) AND dropped a good amount of BF!
    After post cycle therapy: 192 lbs

    Age: 25
    Sex: yes please
    Height: 5' 6"
    BF: 13-15% (? pics to come)

    Performance Increase

    20-25 lbs on everything throughout wk 1-4, 35-50 lbs @ wk 4-6.

    anabolic steroids History:

    PP, superdrol, and dbol.

    General Info:

    The Diet will be a very clean, 3500-4500 cals/day, around 60 pro/30 carb/10 fat split.

    Workout 4-5 days a week, two day split.

    I actually started a pp/zol pulse cycle for the last three weeks, but i need to speed this up. Kinda of in haste, but I have some life circumstances that i forsee hindering my gym time/progress comming up, mainly a new baby girl. I will need all the help i can get then. lol

    Any comments, questions, concens, critiquement, and or advice are cetainly welcome!

    I will put some pics up tomorrow, in the appropriate forum.

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  2. what is the zol?

    Is that like Juggernaut's win-ztrol ???

  3. EDIT:
    PP is Pheradrol by ph design
    both Mega-TRN and Mega-ZOL are Generic Lab's genuien stuff.

    I just prefer GL's zol cause their rep speaks for itself, i can get it for 45 bucks for 90 caps without the filler, and I am not impressed with JN's products as of late. particularlly, the zol looking like poop thread.

  4. Days 1-4:

    Two out of the four days (not including today) I have had two workouts, which were great. Energy and strength were up as typical with my previous pp runs.

    Increased bicep pumps were def noticable, even when i was working back/shoulders. Ridicouls bi/tri pumps when i did arms yesterday!

    Overall, my appetite and recovery has increased. I am lacking a little sleep though, which i will try to work on.

    best of all, i am UP 5lbs while losing body fat! My inproved diet and abs workouts have helped im sure. Sitting at 200lbs now.

    Today is chest/tri day! cant wait!

  5. subscribed.
    every thing looks very good. Just one thing i would like to share, trn really ****ed with my libido when i ran it at the tail end right before PCT. You could be different tho.

    why the odd diet split? care to share?...ive never seen that before (70/20/10)

  6. Yeah, i know some experienced hard shutdown on trn, then others, pornstar wood at the time. This is my first progestin, so I am being mindful of this. I dont think it will shut me down that much, esp if i keep it at 4mgs. we shall see...

    well, I picked the lower fat maco split cause I really want to lose the current fat and also cause the last time i fitday'd my regular bulking diet, it came out to about 13% fat.

    I am very much limiting my bad fat intake and bumping my protien intake. I only have some almonds here and there, plus whatever little fat is in my foods. nothing else; as in no "cheat day." per say.

  7. so the 70 is carbs or protien?

  8. EDIT: just did fitday twice for my two typical diets that i bulk on. I still need to tweek diet #2 a little to get some fat out.

    Diet #1:

    3844 cals @ 62 pro/30 carb/10 fat.

    Diet #2:

    4797 cals @ 43 pro/25 carb/32 fat.

  9. just switch some ingredients/foods to low or non fat if possible.
  10. Day 5

    1hr chest/tri workout AFTER 1.5 hrs of decent 3/3 bball, 2.5hrs total.

    Surprizingly, energy and strength were still up as before. Ax stim X was still lingering on my last reps for my failure sets, which helped a little.

    BB flat bench was good (right tri is still lacking);

    185 for 8 x2, 205 for 6 x2.

    db incline's were solid; 55 for 8 x2, 65 for 6 x2, 75 for 6 x1.

    Also did some typical stuff, flys, decline bb, skull crushers, cables, bla bla.

    Good points:
    Chest pumps were good, strength still going up a little. felt good overall, but sore when i got home, mostly due to bball.

    My buddy actually commented that i looked a little more vascular/leaner with size. He usally never comments on observations like that when i see him there!

    Bad points:
    As i mentioned up top, my right tri is behind again (this is typical with getting back into the routine). It usually takes a while after getting back into the gym, like 4wks, but its been 6 now...and im a little pissed. I've big weight/low resp, vise versa. Well see how it goes....

    I noticed some bone pain in both forearm's when i got up to 65's on the db's, not during the reps, but when i picked them off the rack. Also noticed this in my 85/95lb bb curls earlier this week. never had this before, so i guess its time to bump the cissus dosage.

    Everything still going good, still sitting at 200. I'll try to catch more zzz's this weekend.

  11. Glad to see you get this started bro. I'll be watching.

    For pct you might want to pick up some bulk Muira Puama from NP. That **** makes walking to the mail box on a breezy day a thing of ecstasy , lol.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49
  12. Days 6-7

    These last couple of days have been pretty uneventful. My body has been fighting off the begining of a cold. I have had the typical aches and pains, hot/cold spirts.

    Sat afternoon, I started a good arm/leg workout, but didnt really push myself due to feeling like poop still.

    Overall today, I am feeling better, i have also been taking ext strength tylenol to help (many hours away from my pp/zol dose time.)

    Tonight will be a makeup day of sorts as well as my back/shoulders.

    my body is still getting used to all the food, sometimes resulting in stomach pains. Any advice on a digestion aid would be appreicated. thx guys!

  13. LOL. yeah, so far so good, minus the cold issues the last couple of days. Ill look into Muira Puama, thx man!

  14. I'm thinking Gut Health might help, but I'm not sure where to find it right now.

    Probiotics are bacterical flora that dwell in the intestines, allowing the nutrients we ingest to be utilized by the body. Modern diet, stress, and training all compromise the health of the Gut, leading to sickness, gas, indigestion, and wasted nutrients - not to mention contribute to sickness. GUT Health contains a strong, hearty strain of Lactobacillus casei, called KE99. THis university studied probiotic has been shown to:

    -Reduces/eliminates protein related GI distress/gas

    -Bolsters intestinal membranes, increasing the effectiveness of digestion
    -detaches/destroys pathogens
    -bolsters immune function
    -prevents bowel irritation/helps IBS
    -reduces Nitrogen excretion/increases protein absorption

    This strain is shelf stable (requires no refrigeration) and enteric coated, dissolved in oil. GUT Health...for Vital Digestion and Optimal Results.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  15. yeah, acidophilus and the like or that metamucil or psylium husk stuff. I like to take acidophilus when im eating ALOT of calories on a bulk cycle.
  16. Day 8

    Sup guys! Well after some good rest/recovery from that small cold type thing, i was ready to go!

    1.5 hr back, shoulders and ab workout! 3hrs total at the gym with bball afterward, not the smartest thing i did yesterday.

    Weights felt really light today. Strength still going up quite a bit more, mostly due to rest/recov. for 4 days and +10mg of PP. I am on a full tear of 3800+ cals lately. Energy and strength were up quite a bit more than last weeks back workout.

    Shoulder pull down machine; 140 x1, 180 x2, 230 x2!

    Cable stack:

    Behind neck press; 130 for 8 x1, 150 for 6 x 2, 170 for 6 x2

    Wide grip pull down (upright); 150 for 8 x1, 170 for 8 x 2, 190 for 6 x1


    Close grip (upright); 150 for 10 x 1, 170 for 8 x1, 190 for 8 x1, 210 for 6 x1, 240 for 4 x1!!

    can we say FULL STACK!? solid 4 reps with a neg hold at the end w/staps. BP baby!

    Wide grip (burn in): 130 for 15 x 2.

    Pull back machine; 140 for 10 x1, 180 for 6 x2.

    Overhead arnold press: 45 for 8 x2

    Overhead reg press: 55 for 8 x2, 65 for 6 x1

    Front bb Delt raise (super setted); 30/17.5 for 6 per x 3

    Shrug machine (front/back position): 180 for 30 x1, 270 for 20 x2, 320 for 16 x1.


    Good points:
    during workout; Arm pumps were redic for the first 20mins/first shoulder excerize. After a streched them out, they were good for the rest of the workout.

    Felt really good overall, esp during back. I felt unstopable and quite a silly type demeanor. I think i was just enjoying the pumps/strength gains too much. lol. My back has always been my strongest part and it has been getting stronger as I go.

    Bad points:
    No real ones here besides doing more bball again than i should have.

    Overall, well being has been good. Digestion is going better with the food, think my body is finally getting used to this intake.

    I am sweating ALLOT more than usual. This is quite typical when im on, but frankly its annoying me more now for some reason. Even when i am out of the gym, im like wtf.

    Also, I have been quite "offensive" lately. Really bad, i am glad i have my own office here, but at home....man I clear out a room. Def related to the increased cissus dosage and food.

    Dry pics/measurements up tonight, i promise.

  17. Keep an eye on your BP bro. Sweating could be a sign that it's running a little high. Are you retaining any water yet or is the Zol keeping it off?
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  18. havent check in a while, though i feel fine otherwise. Ill check tonight wehn i get home.

    Zol has been keeping me nice and lean all this time. Arms inparticular are leaner and vascular. Then again, it is only week 2, usually i get the bloat around mid week 3.
  19. Day 10

    1.5hr chest/tri workout, .5hrs of then decent bball, 2hrs total.

    Chest and tri day, ahh....I love these days.

    I went a little extra on the tranditional routes and skipped cables/flys.

    BB flat bench: 135 for 12 x1, 185 for 8 x2, 225 for 6 x4.

    DB flats: 65 for 8 x2, 75 for 6 x3.

    DB incline's: 55 for 8 x2, 65 for 6 x2, 75 for 6 x1.

    Decline Machine: 140 for 10 x1, 180 for 8 x2, 230 for 6 x2.

    Skull crushers: 55 for 12 x1, 65 for 8 x2, 75 for 8 x2

    Cable pull downs (super setted with pullouts): 50 for 12/40 for 8, 70 for 8/50 for 8, 90 for 8/60 for 8.

    Good points:
    Chest pumps were good, strength is steady. Felt good with energy, great workout overall.

    Digestion is going allot better, appetite AND libido has gone up quite a bit this week! Im getting my 2-3am wood again!

    Bad points:
    My right tri is making progress, but still far behind Overall i lifted well, but def not as good or as much as i could.

    Forearm pain still there, but not as severe. Im taking 2000mg of cissus per day, so that looks like its helping. Also after workout my hands/finger bones are a little sensitive just as my forearms when lifting.

    Diet is good, but was a little under at 2800 cals on wednesday, only. Still holding at 200lbs each morning, and still lacking a little sleep which ill try to catch up this weekend.

    Thx for stopping by guys! today is arm/ab's and prob lat or leg day.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    yeah, acidophilus and the like or that metamucil or psylium husk stuff. I like to take acidophilus when im eating ALOT of calories on a bulk cycle.
    I think acidophilus is a must for strength athletes. You need to keep your intestinal flora at maximum health. If you do, you feel better and get more from the food you eat. I take the stuff year round.

  21. ^^w0rd.

    Digestion has been going much better since i have been taking these.

    oh...and thanks for whoring up my log!

  22. can you describe the forearm pain to me again? I know i struggled hard with this last cycle. I still do from time to time but when i get them i just ease off the training a bit, i think its a way of telling me im doing to much. I read on a possible cause to this but i want to know if youre getting the same type of pain.

    What kind of acidiophilius did you get?

    where the pics at? you promised brah!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    can you describe the forearm pain to me again? I know i struggled hard with this last cycle. I still do from time to time but when i get them i just ease off the training a bit, i think its a way of telling me im doing to much. I read on a possible cause to this but i want to know if youre getting the same type of pain.

    What kind of acidiophilius did you get?

    where the pics at? you promised brah!
    nag nag...

    JZ starter pics!!

    Some generic acid stuff at a vitamin world around here. forget the mg amount, but the pills are sd type small.

    Well, the pain is in the entire forearm and is at the bone only. It only happens with i max out bb curls or put back db's on the rack (pain hits as im putting them down and my forearm is supporting the weight 100%.) It hurts the worst here.

    I never experienced anything like this before, even when i was overtraining last year. At this point, the only thing i could contribute it to is th Zol. So far it has gotten better, but well def see this week. I just upped the zol to 250/day and cissus 2500mgs/day!
  24. Day 12

    1hr arm workout, .5hrs of assorted abs, 1.5hrs total.

    Overall things went good. Lacking a little enery at the start but i pushed through it.

    BB curls: 55 for 12 x1, 65 for 8 x1, 75 for 8 x2. 85 for 6 x2.

    BB forearm curls: 65 for 8 x1, 75 for 8 x3.

    Single DB Preacher curls: 25 for 12 x1, 35 for 8 x2, 45 for 6 x1.

    Hammer DB Curls: 45 for 10 x1, 65 for 8 x1, 75 for 8 x2, 85 for 6 x1

    Skull crushers: 55 for 12 x1, 65 for 8 x2, 75 for 8 x2

    Dual cable stack bicep press (forget proper name):

    45 for 10 x 2, 35 for 8 x 2, 25 for 12 x 3.

    Tri cable pull downs (super setted with cable curls): 50 for 12/70 for 8, 70 for 8/90 for 8, 80 for 8/110 for 8.

    Good points:
    Pumps were redic again for the first 20mins. Such pain and pleasure mixed together, i dont know how to call it! Right tri is almost there.

    Bad points:
    Not much minus the typical forearm again. A little lethargy on off days, could be to do slight lack of sleep though.

    Diet was solid, I had a ton of water and TWO beers at a cookout on friday far away from supps timeline.

    Still holding at 200-202lbs each morning. Got some extra sleep this weekend, but not as much as i wanted. I plan to hit the sack by 8 or 9 tonight!

  25. ohh and i started TRN yesterday (day early/off day)....

    I feel Bonds like power surging through me already. I am actualy really looking forward to TRN, mainly for the strength gains!

    stay tuned...


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