1test/4ad results & question

  1. 1test/4ad results & question

    finishing 4th week on 1t/4ad transderm this week. i'm pretty impressed actually. weighed 216 on may 27th. weighed 236 this week. bodyfat dropped a couple of percent. not bad for a newbie. (good diet & intense heavy training) let's see hands... should i keep going? i'm not going to have any pharms to restore hpta. got 6-oxo. got flax. any tips greatly appreciated again great ones. later

  2. Depends. Is this your first cycle? If so, stop. Walk before you run. You've had some great results, why push it?

    Otherwise, if you've done a couple of four week cycles in the past and feel confident, go for it. But get some clomid

  3. I prefer nolva but clomid works just as well...

    Whether you should stop or continue is based on several factors that you must decide. One is the consideration that bow points out above. If it is your first cycle stop now and gain valuble insight as to how your body responds to the prohormones. On the other hand, if you are still gaining steadily continue until there is diminished gains.

    Regardless of whether you stop or continue it would be a wise investment to purchase some liquid solutions.


  4. you gained 20 lbs and lost bf on a PH cycle

    I would be interested on more specifics of your cycle

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