My 6 week multi-dosage of t1-pro original..

  1. My 6 week multi-dosage of t1-pro original..

    I started out taking 1 squirt twice daily for 2 weeks then bumped it up to 2 squirts twice daily for 4 weeks. Results were pretty good. Strength gains came very quick and i gained almost exactly 2 lbs each week. I was extremely lethargic the whole time and was on an Iron Addict style routine (HIT). I lost a good 4 lbs when i came off and that is not water weight (because i started taking an anti-e, 15mg of nolva at week 4).. overall not bad...

  2. why did you wait 4 weeks to start your anti e?

  3. because estrogen has many positive effects on bulking.. helps to increase strength, gain weight, and boy does it make it easier to eat ... but i have naturally occuring gyno so i didnt feel like being with the added estro for too long..

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