crazy cycle but need a little help

  1. crazy cycle but need a little help

    i am goign to be doign an m1t cycle for 2 weeks

    i will be doing 5 mg of it the first week
    and 10 mg the 2nd week

    i will be using hte following supps

    1st week

    5mg of m1t
    a prohormone mixture of 4ad 200 mg
    19nor 200 mg
    and the 4 dione 200 mg
    along with
    cycle support
    perfect cycle
    a whole bunch of support supplement

    but my question is
    i know m1t doesnt aromatize to estogen at all
    but i knwo you can get prolactin induced gyno
    so i will be taking ditoxifen for that
    but i know the 3 prohormones that i am stacking with it can aromatize to esto

    so my question is
    what should i be taking during cycle to control estrogen
    i know there are AI but i have heard alot that
    they lower your estrogen but a little estrogen is good
    and i heard AI's make for a bigger rebound of estrogen for after the cycle

    so can someone please help me with this problem i have???

  2. anybody out there??????

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