Thoughts on summer PH/PS cycles

  1. Thoughts on summer PH/PS cycles

    How does it look?

    SD WK 1-3 10/20/20
    4AD Trans WK 1-2
    Life Support WK 1-3
    Taurine WK 1-3
    IGF-1 3x/week

    PCT WK 4-7
    Life Support
    IGF-1 3x/week

    WK 8-11
    IGF-1 3x/week

    WK 12-15
    M5AA (Pre Workout)
    IGF-1 3x/week

    WK 16-19
    Life Support
    IGF-1 3x/week

  2. I dig it.

    What are your stats? Goals for the cycle (summer)?

  3. 6'3" 210-215 10%BF Bulking

    I haven't used PH for 4 years, wanted to stay away and see how far I could go natty. I am an ecto and this weight is very hard to hold, 4 years ago I got up to 230 with 1AD+4AD but it was gone in six months, I just can't hold that weight. I will be starting this in July and I am getting everything straight especially the IGF (mixing, injecting, reconstituting) I am a visual learner so its hard reading words and putting this into practice. I will be running IGF for 1 month prior and for a total of 5 months.

  4. How should I split up my SD dose's or should they all be taken at once?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by b_delgros View Post
    How should I split up my superdrol dose's or should they all be taken at once?
    Try to space them out evenly and eat them with a meal that has a decent amount of fats.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. Thanks Rodja

    Also, this SD is the original that came out in December of 2004, it has been in the freezer in one of those vaccum sealed bags ever since I got it. Should it still be potent or should i pitch it and get a SD clone, or dose it need to be dosed higher?

  7. u should be just fine. dont get a clone more likely to get sides with a clone. i talked with Dr. D on superdrol he said u can kep it open next to a toilet for three years and be ok he said the sunlight is what kills it

  8. Starting my cycle next week, forgot to ask when to dose the 4AD?

  9. Starting my SD 4AD today. For the previous month I have been running IGF-1, Pro-Anabol, LJ 50:1. My diet has been off from March until June and I did drop some pounds. I didn't workout for the month of May because I was away training for my new job and did have the luxuries needed for bodybuilding gym, food. Here were my stats at the beginning of June and now
    June 3rd July 29th
    6'3" 6'3" (I didn't grow any)
    203 214
    10% BF 13% BF

    For June and July I was using a 3 day a week workout Chest, Back, and Legs. Heavy weight 4-6 reps, Low Volume no more than 9 Sets a workout. Here is my diet that I have been using and will be using throughout this cycle.

    Meal 1
    4 Whole Eggs
    1 cup Oatmeal
    1 Banana
    1 Tbsp Flax Oil
    1 Cup Skim Milk

    Meal 2
    2 Cup Skim
    1 Wheat Bagel
    1 Scoop WPC

    Meal 3
    8oz Beef
    2 Cup Oats or Brown Rice
    1 Cup Broccoli

    Meal 4
    2 Cup Skim
    1 Wheat Bagel
    1 Scoop WPC
    1 Apple

    Meal 5
    8oz Chicken
    1 Large Sweet Potato
    1 Cup Broccoli

    Meal 6
    2 Cups Skim
    1 Scoop Micellar Casein, MPI blend
    1 Tbsp Flax
    1 Tbsp Peanut Butter

    If I don't have exactly those meal they are replaced with a high calorie, protein, carb meal. Somedays I swap meal 4 with a solid meal which in turn has more calories.

    On my calories are 4700, 113g of fat, 507g of carbs, 360g of protein, that is with all the added ingredients in cooking like olive oil, etc...

    Here are my progress pics. These were weekly photos. These are all cold pictures taken first thing in the morning.

    My other supplements include
    Prolab Creatine
    Eco Green Multi
    Vit C
    Vit E
    Dairy Digest
    Super Enzymes
    8 Billion Acidophilus

    My new routine will be a 5 day a week, high volume, medium rep range 10-12

    Attached Images Attached Images      

  10. First week down, haven't got that big of a strength increase but workout intesity has definately gone up. I took my weight this morning and couldn't believe I am at 219. According to my scale I am at 14.2%BF, my scale also measures percentage of water weight and I started at 58% and now I am at 60%. I can't get a photo this week my camera is busted.

  11. My digital camera broke so I photo's ain't happening. Last week I was at 223 and this week I finished my cycle and ended at 225. My bodyfat scale says I am at 13.5% water weight is at 58%. Here are my measurements when I started and now.

    Waist 33.5-34.5
    Chest 41-47
    Shoulder 49-54
    Neck 17-18.5
    Bicep Left 16-18
    Bicep Right 16-18
    Quad Left 9" up from knee 24-25.5
    Quad Right 24-25.5
    Calve Left 15-17
    Calve Right 15.5-17.25
    Weight 202-225
    Body Fat 10.5-13.5
    Water Weight 57.3-58%

    I really didn't get any stronger, I still have severe back pain and it keeps me from deadlifting and I can squat over 275 but during the course of the cycle I only used 225, it really kills my back. However, I and do lunges with 205 for 12 reps, it is not as hard on my back as squating. I will not start post cycle therapy here is what it will look like as far as supplementing.

    wk1: ATD 25mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, Retain 750mg/d, FEN 3 caps
    wk2: ATD 50mg/d, DHEA 150mg/d, Retain 750mg/d, FEN 4 caps
    wk3: ATD 50mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d, Retain 500mg/d, FEN 5 caps
    wk4: ATD 75mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d, Retain 500mg/d, FEN 6 caps
    toremifene 120/90/60/30
    Life Support 4 caps/ED
    I will cut down my training to 4 days a week heavy weight low reps, short workouts 30-45min max. I going to use TUT really concentrating on slow negatives.


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