My cycle thoughts .......

  1. My cycle thoughts .......

    As you all have seen my cycle I have not been gaining weight on the scale. Cutting back my cals and carbs does not thelp.. . I have been losing fat and gainning muscle the most part on my chest and back. The six pack is now starting to show throug. I think right now I am up 3 lbs from the start. I have ended the 1-test in the cycle and are now on nor,1,4 and 4-ad. i will run this for about 2 more weeks.

    Problems... The one thing I think is part of my problem as well is that I have been on TOO MANY cyeles lately and my system has not been clean enough for the PH's to have the full effect as I would like them. After this cycle i will being going off unitl probably Jan of next year or something.. I came to this conclusin when doing enough 1-test to kill Goliath(hehehe) did not gain me any weight on the scale. It obviously did do something just not what it shoudl have.. This is just something for all of you to think of when doing and planning cycles...

    I will be taking pics at the end to show you guys the results. I am pretty pleased BUT we all want to be 200lbs at 6% .. TTY

  2. I know the last thing you want to do is second guess while in the middle of a cyle but maybe your workout needs a shake up rather than the PH not working?? Also have you thought about using a tape measure to gauge your gains rather than a scale?? Just a thought.

  3. I did change my workout about 2 weeks ago. I am now doing EDT and liking it... Thanx for the thoughts though.. And I will try the tape measure thing.. TTY

  4. So Curt, what can you tell me about the 1,4 andro transdermal? Hoe do you think it worked? What mg/ml did you use? Was it mixed completely seperate?

    I wanted to mix 5gr 1-test......5gr 4ad......and 5gr 1,4 andro in 240ml. I wonder how this would work. Mabe I'd have to make the 1,4 seperate if it requires a higher dose transdermally.

  5. It started in a separate bottle. I was running around 400/day transdermally. It did work well cause I found it very hard not to eat. I think it is more efeective than oral maybe by a bit. It was hard to tell though.. I don't think I would do it again though.. Just cause I put enough transdermal on to begin with . I bath in it. Can't wait to see how chemo's new mix pans out and the new methyl 1-test.. Things are looking up... Next cycle I will be doing 1-test ,19-nor,4-ad and 1,4 ad.. Maybe not the 1,4 . I want to try the methyl 1-test and the new mix with the 19 and 4-ad.. TTY



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