PLEASE criteque my upcoming 1test/4ad cycle

  1. PLEASE criteque my upcoming 1test/4ad cycle

    Everyone, please look this over and tell me if it needs any tweaking

    June 23 2003 Lean Mass Cycle
    Currently 21 Years Old, 5'10'', 190lbs., 13-15% bf
    Goal: Lean Out, put on good muscle size, strength not important


    6g 1-test 3g 4AD divided over 28 days
    Post Cycle Week 1&2 40 mg Liquid Nolva
    Week 3&4 20 mg Liquid Nolva

    Multivitamin 8 AM and 8 PM
    Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg divided over 3X a day

    Nutrition 3700cals 355g protein, 110g fat (9% saturated), 335g carbs

    Meal 1 7:30 150g Cottage Cheese, 125g Fruit Salad, 5 Eggs
    Meal 2 10:30 2 Scoops Optimum Whey, 400ml 1% Milk
    Meal 3 1:00 Turkey Burger on wheat, 250ml 1% Milk
    Meal 4 3:00 1.5 Scoop Optimum Whey, 350ml 1% Milk, Vector Bar
    Meal 5 5:00 1 TBS Peanut Butter, .5 Banana, 2 Scoops American Whey, 400ml Juice.
    Meal 6 7:30 .5 Cup Strawberries, .5 Banana, 400ml juice, 2 Scoops American Whey
    Meal 7 9:30 Chicken Breast, 1cup wild rice, 1 Large Garden Salad, 40g Chedder cheese, 3 Tbs Italian Dressing
    4.5 L Water/Day

    30min moderate cardio after weights everyday
    Monday - Legs/Abs

    Squats 3 X 6 Reps
    Leg Press 2 X 6 Reps
    Stiff Deads 2 X 6 Reps
    Standing Calf Raise 3 X 10 Reps
    Seated Calf Raise 2 X 10 Reps
    Side DB Crunches 3 X 15 Reps
    Knee Up Crunches 3 X 20 Reps
    Side Crunches 3 X 20 Reps

    Tuesday - Chest/Forearms

    Smith Bench 3 X 6 Reps
    Smith Decline 3 X 6 Reps
    Smith Incline 3 X 6 Reps
    Reverse Cable Curls 3 X 10 Reps
    Barbell Wrist Curls 3 X 15 Reps

    Wednesday - Back/Traps

    Deads 2 X 6 Reps
    Weighted Pullups 2 X 6 Reps
    V-Bar Pulldowns 2 X 6 Reps
    Straight Bar Rows 1 X 6 Reps
    Machine Shrugs 2 X 6 Reps
    Upright Cable Rows 2 X 6 Reps

    Thursday - Shoulders/Triceps

    Seated Dumbell Press 3 X 6 Reps
    Smith Military Press 2 X 6 Reps
    Side Dumbell Laterals 1 X 6 Reps
    Rear Dumbell Laterals 1 X 6 Reps
    Close Grip Bench 3 X 6 Reps
    V-Bar Pushdowns 2 X 6 Reps
    Overhead Dumbell Ext. 1 X 6 Reps

    Friday - Biceps/Abs

    Alternating DB Curls 3 X 6 Reps
    Hammer Curls 2 X 6 Reps
    EZ Bar Curls 2 X 6 Reps
    Hanging Knee Raises 3 X 12 Reps
    Weighted Ball Crunch 3 X 12 Reps

    If people want I can post weekly pics and updates every few days
    thanks to all that reply!!

  2. Have you ever done PH's before? and if so what did you use?

  3. May want to make sure to have some flax seed oil especially for post cycle. You will want to take 3 tablespoons a day when your cycle is complete.

  4. For post cycle you don't really need to go with 40mg of Nolv for two weeks. Week 1- 40mg/day, week 2 & 3 20mg/day and you should be go to go. Also if your doing cardio the same days as weight training i would space it out atleast 2-3hours. Don't workout right after you weight train, that's a no no. This is the time when you should be feeding your body. Late J

  5. Yes, I have done a four weel cycle of 6g 1-test and 6g 4AD about six months ago. I got decent gains but my diet wasn't as good as it should have been. Anyway, as far as cardio goes, I absolutley have to do it then because of work and other commitments. My thinking was that my workout should take me around 45 min and add 30 min of cardio while on phs I shouldn't be in a catabolic state, cuz thats only an hour and a half max. When Im in post cycle recovery I will only do cardio 3 times weekly and weights three times weekly. Any other suggestions??

  6. Just from my experience and from what others recommend, I would increase your volume a little more and many will train each bodypart twice a week. Your recovery time is alot quicker on PS/PH, so you would be fine. So you may want to try that too. As for everything else, it looks ok to me.

  7. so how much more volume? Since I planned on about 7sets per bodypart, how many more sets 2-3? I have heard that twice a week is two much, and honestly I wont have the time with work and all.

  8. Iron, if you're using homebrew and you have extra ph I would at least go with 12gr of ph in 240 ml solution. you can even go to 15gr using the recipie on this board. Just change the ratio a bit.....EX: 8gr 1-test.....4gr 4-ad would be good for you, then you got 50mg/ml a bit more concentrated to make application'll also be getting a little more ph spread over 28 days. Everything else looks fine. for higher volume, look up German Volume Training, works good while 'on'. Remember to lower volume and keep cals high post cycle. Good luck.

  9. Try GVT it is good... painfull and evil, from the devil himself actually but effective

  10. drop the cardio...if you do cardio, keep it to only 2 times a week when bulking

  11. Bump to recommendations above. And big bump to lowering volume post cycle. Get a good work post cycle, but don't take anything to failure either.

  12. IMHO, I don't think twice a week is too much on a PH cycle. I don't even think for some it is too much if you really have a sound nutritional plan without the aid of a ph. As for volume I mean, maybe add another set and go with reps. between 10-12 and take a little less rest in between sets. The pumps are unreal. I love it. This is what has worked for me. Good luck bro.!!

  13. Scorp, as far as homebrew, im getting kitchen chemist to do it. I am ordering two bottle ang 6g and 3g, because I wanted T-1 pro, just a little more for teo four week cycles, I guess I didn't specify.

    As far as cardio, im NOT bulking, i wanna get lean, so how much do I need???

    So also, should my training look like this
    Two bodyparts daily, 10 sets each bodypart, 10 reps each set??
    so total 20 sets in an hour? I want to make My chest MASSIVE so I may train this and this only twice weekly, it just lacks compared to the rest of my body.

  14. anyone else??

  15. On my current cycle i was doing each body part twice a week, three on one off and repeat but it got to be too much for me and i needed more rest. I dropped down to once per week the last 3 weeks or so. Are you dieting or staying above maintenance? Keep a updated report of your cycle, i like to hear/see how well the homebrew works for others!

  16. well i want to lean out but I heard that when "on" you can eat above maintanence and still get leaner. So I think im about 500-700 cals daily above maintanence


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