fina/test transdermal cycle

  1. fina/test transdermal cycle

    what you all think?


    200mg/day test (converted from syno, ~40% absorption) = 80mg ED

    200mg/day fina (keeping ester in so only expecting ~20% absorption) =40mg ED

    running both for 8 weeks

    post cycle....clomid day 1 300mg, day 2-11 100mg, day 12-21 50mg.

    nolva on hand for signs of gyno
    thinking about arimidex and proscar during....

    gonna eat like a COW!

  2. Personally I think the dosages are way too low IMO. I prefer at least 250-300mg/day applied of fine, and I would go with 300mg/day applied on the test.

  3. remove the ester on the fina its easy as hell and improves absorption a lot

  4. i've read the post to remove the ester from the there a kit for it? if not, where can you get the supplies?

  5. im just wondering, why you say the dosages are low....

    80mg ED of test = 560mg/week absorbed

    40mg ED is around the going rate....if poking was gonna do 75mg dermally im absorbing 80mg EOD

  6. correct that last post....absorbing 80mg in days of fina compared to 75mg EOD if poking

  7. You can get the lye at walmart and thats pretty much all you need I believe

  8. I'm doing around 700-800mg test weekly right now (figuring about 35% absorption), I think you'll want higher than 560mg or so, trust me


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