Nolva and Dandelion roots while on T1Pro?

  1. Nolva and Dandelion roots while on T1Pro?

    Ok, I know some people use Nolva on cycle, but most use it post cycle. Would usage of Nolva and dandelion roots hinder the effects of the 4AD in T1Pro? I want to keep bloating down, and control possible gyno by using these two. On the other hand, I don't want to nullify the 4AD.

  2. Yes, they will hinder your results. If you do not get gyno, I would just keep the nolv. handy it case it rears its' ugly head. Then use it post cycle. 40mcgs for a week and then 20 for the next 2 weeks after that. Plus, from what I have seen, bloat hasn't been too much of a problem with t1pro. There have been more problems with lethargy than that. So you may want some more 4ad handy or get an EC for that.

  3. Wait a second their man there have been studies going both ways on the use of anti-es during cycle, in my oppinion 10 lean pounds is better than 15 watery pounds any day of the week. The dandelion root however is a diurhetic which is fine if your precontest but will just dehydrate you any other time. No need for that IM MY OPPINION.

  4. I somewhat agree and disagree. It depends on what the person wants from the cycle. But, that added effects from the 4ad and water retention can add some more mass (muscle and water retention) to the stack. Sort of along the lines of creatine and cell volumization. Plus, that is just water weight and can be shedded quickly and easily.

  5. Yep like I said its a matter of oppinion



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