Iron's Havoc/IGF-1/AnabolicPump/"New" PowerFULL Log

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  1. Iron's Havoc/IGF-1/AnabolicPump/"New" PowerFULL Log

    This is the plan to be started early next week.

    Week 1:
    Havoc 30mgs
    Week 2:
    Havoc 40mgs
    Week 3:
    Havoc 40mgs
    Week 4 (days 1,2,3):
    Havoc 40/40/50mgs
    ______________________________ __

    Week 4 (days 4,5,6,7)
    IGF-1 40mcgs ED
    Nolva 60mgs
    New PowerFULL
    Anabolic Pump

    Week 5:
    IGF-1 40mcgs ED
    Nolva 40mgs
    New PowerFULL
    Anabolic Pump

    Week 6:
    IGF-1 40mcgs ED
    Nolva 30mgs
    New PowerFULL
    Anabolic Pump

    Week 7:
    IGF-1 40mcgs ED
    Nolva 20mgs
    New PowerFULL
    Anabolic Pump

    You guys interested in this? I will be coming off a run of Hyperdrol x2...

    I plan to be about 205~7lbs @ like 8 or 9%...

  2. where's your taurine son?

    havoc @ 50mg/day sounds like big back pumps to me.


  3. Thats just gonna be my final 40 though, you are probably right...

    I have a tub sitting in the cabinet, I guess I'll bust it out.

  4. I hate you PI. That's it.

  5. What in the hell did I do?

  6. I'm not sure really. Maybe it's because you're from Jersey?

  7. Understandable...

    But I can't keep bringing up the fact that you're from Canada and enjoy hockey.

    It's getting boring...

    Maybe I should being up the fact that Canada's 2nd language is French...That's worse than the first two things.

  8. Or do you just like my idea that much?

  9. Or maybe how sexy I am?

  10. If I were you I would do week 4 completely at 50mg..I just did a cycle of havoc at 4 weeks 30mg/day..gained around 4lbs and strength shot up. Barely any joint pains but I was taking a small dose of xmass to add a little water to joints. Looking back I wish I did 40mg/day all across the board, and 50 for the last week. I'm sure you'll get your 5 lbs

  11. Why aren't you doing a full week 4???

  12. The dosing works out to one full 90 count bottle.

  13. GL man!! Following this one --- wish you the best.

  14. I might have to be substituting something from my stash for the Havoc, if the Havoc doesn't get here by Tuesday...

    Sorry, But I'm on a deadline here people...hahahaha

  15. What you got in the stash?

  16. Off the top of my head...SD, PP, TRN, ZOL and P25...

    It's not going to be the SD cuz thats going to kickstart something later in th year...I wasn't impressed with Promag...

    TRN and ZOL probably won't give me the results I want, plus I was thinking of using them as the other bookend...

    So it looks like I might use the old personal favorite...PheraPlex, I think I still have 3 bottles of the original sitting in ym freezer...

    I really haveta go check though...I might be forgetting something.

    If thats the case, Phera would be ran at 20/30/30/40 that final 3 days...

    No I just need to get a grasp on the AP dosing in regards to the IGF-1 and I should be good to go...

    Any ideas?

  17. I'm not really too familiar with the AP

    Have you used IGF-1 before? Any reason why you're dosing it the way you are planning (not saying it's wrong, just curious)? Have you thought about maybe using it EOD throughout the cycle and post cycle therapy maybe?

    I'm running a cycle, don't know if you saw it...

  18. AP meaning Anabolic Pump.

    I've read a few oppinions on another board about using IGF-1 ED for 4 weeks, pinning post workout in the muscle group worked, and on off days pinning in lagging groups.

    This would work very well for me, as I workout 2 days and then take 1 day off...

    I was toying with only pinning on workout days though...

    What is posted above is jsut a basic outline...The only thing taht was definate was the Havoc...but it seems like even that might change.

  19. I know it's Anabolic Pump, just not familiar w/dosing...

    From what I gather IGF-1 receptors get oversaturated w/ ED dosing. Also it's supposed to have awesome synergy w/ androgens (1+1= 1 million ), as well as help a ton with post cycle therapy.

    I can't wait to start dosing the Epi next week!

  20. I am bad SS...

    Yea, IGF ED should burn receptors but that would be around week 4 or 5...I'll only be running it 4 weeks.

  21. Good luck with your cycle PI.
    Athletic Xtreme Rep
    [email protected]
    Ask me about the Athletic Xtreme Product Line

  22. i'm in..........

  23. So this is starting tomorrow...a few buddies gave me some good insights...

    Thanks DecaDone and're good buds...

    And Mullet and USP for helping me with the AP/PF dosing schedule...

    The major change is the IGF-1 useage...It will be EOD...immediately post workout.

    Out of my current workout, it will be Chest and Back days and then an off day. Chest days I will inject in the pec, Back days, in the lat, and the off day I will choose a lagging body part, most likely quads.

  24. looks good either way you go.... i loved phera to no end and if your lookin for some poundage while adding loads of strength then thats the ticket.... id have to compare Epi to a slightly less strong phera with no sides and no est so a lil dryer but the Zol you got there would go great with the phera and keep you just as dry.. sense of well being is GREAT with both and libido stayed in tact with both, if not increased at first.

    looks like a very promising cycle with an apropriate PCT to maintian your gains, GL ill be followin for sure.

  25. hey sorry im late. any reason you went with havoc over epi?


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