How does this Havoc cycle look? (first time using a PH - Want a check)

  1. How does this Havoc cycle look? (first time using a PH - Want a check)

    Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support & liver longer Throughout Cycle

    Week 1: AI Cycle Support (getting ready)
    (start of Havoc)
    Week 2: Havoc 10, 10, 10, 10, 20, 20, 20 mg (first week of havoc)
    Week 3: Havoc 20 mg
    Week 4: Havoc 30 mg
    (start of post cycle therapy)
    Week 5: Havoc 40 mg
    (end of havoc)

    PCT (for 4 weeks):

    Nolva (how much/is it necessary?)
    40/30/20/10 ?

    Hyperdrol, Mass FX, AX Retain, SizeOn/creatine & NOW Trib

    How does that look?

  2. I'd leave the Havoc at 30mg/day if you are able to continue gaining on that.

    As long as you are gaining strength and or size why use more Havoc than necessary?

    Are you taking a multivitamin?

    I also like Fenugreek in my PCT.

    Good luck!

  3. i'd start at 20 and go 30 for the last 3 weeks..I think starting at 10 is just a waste of time

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