Need suggestions on new cycle

  1. Need suggestions on new cycle

    Hi, Im new to this forum. I guess i should start with a little intro. Im 22, 6'4, 285lbs. Dont know my bodyfat % but its probably kindof high since ive put on some unwanted weight lately. Ive been lifting on and off for years, but never really got dedicated until about a year ago. I have done one cycle. It was a PH cycle of Superdrol and Phera-plex. I was absolutley astounded with the results. I didnt keep a very accurate record of the exact figures, but I know that i put 50lbs on my bench. That blew my mind, ha. well ive decided come this summer i will be doing another cycle. At that point it will have been 6months since my first cycle. I think that is sufficient recovery time. While I did love the results of the SD PP stack, i was very worried about the liver toxicity of superdrol. So i would really like to try something a little on the safer side. i do, however, want to do a highly anabolic cycle. im not really interested in slow-gain long cycles. Well what would you guys suggest? Also, im a broke college student, so it does have to be at least somewhat inexpensive (the $80 for the SD and $50 for PP is the max ill go to for one cycle, ha ha)

  2. so....any1?

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