Propadrol First Cycle

  1. Propadrol First Cycle

    I've been researching this new product for awhile. First, it is not methylated and less harsh on your liver. Second, it sapossedly yeilds great gains but I have only read three available logs (could be bull**** posted by EST). I was thinking about maybe stacking it with winztrol to limit the water bloat but I don't think I will. I do not want to stack it with a methylated ph. I probably will run it solo for 30 days at 60 mg a day (30 pills, 1 morning and 1 at night). I will be using nolva and clomid for post cycle therapy. I will also be taking precaution with liver, heart, and circulatory support. My question (besides if this looks alright), is if there is any legal anti-estrogen, natural pro testosterone supplement I can run along side with this to unsure that I do not get gyno (even though it does not aromatise, I want to be sure).

    If I finally get everything together, I will proabably make a log for you guys. Thanks

  2. I think I will run restore while on during the 30 days to combat gyno. Anyone think this is ok to do?

  3. Should be ok, but not necessary. I would save the Restore for PCT upping the dose while tapering off of the SERMs. I've been waiting to see a good solid log on this one. What are your stats and experience?

  4. Heres the cycle I plan to start on Monday.

    Days 1-30
    60 mg Propadrol a day (theres sixty 30mg pills; which is an increase from the forty 15mg pills initially sold)
    Liv 52, Milk Thistle, and Masons Heart Trio for bloodpressure and chosesterol
    Letro .625 eod for bloat/gyno (comes at 2.5mg, a ml)

    post cycle therapy
    Days 1-3 150mg Clomid, 30mg Nolva, Restore
    Days 4-14 100mg Clomid, 20mg Nolva, Restore
    Days 15-21 50mg CLomid, 10mg Nolva, Restore
    Days 22-30 Finish up the Restore

    I got the letro because I hear Max LMG and Xmass were causing gyno and they are similar to propadrol. I started the letro today because it just came in. Should I wait another week to start my cycle (ie: next monday) or is it fine to start this monday (I hear you start letro 2 weeks in advance).

    My Stats:
    Age - 21
    Height - 6'1"
    Weight - 201lbs
    Bench 255lbs 4x5
    Squat 320lbs 4x5

  5. Solid and well planned. I'd recommend waiting a week just to get the Letro somewhat stabilized in the blood. Letro will kill libido, but hopefully the Propadrol will counteract that to some degree.

  6. Well, I have been on Propadrol since Sunday when I started my cycle. Things were moving slowly and steadily so far and today's workout went extremely well. I have been getting pumps and urges to lift outside of the gym as well as in the gym the past two days. I would post weights and stats but I have decided to stop the cycle. The past three days, I have gotten cramps, pains in my sides (Kidneys?) and pains in my upper stomach, kind of like a tingling sensation. I also had a couple minor pains in my chest. I don't know what has been happening but I have decided my first venture into anabolics is not worth any long term damage. I am sure this is probably a rare freak occurance since other people on propadrol have yielded great gains and 0 sides. Maybe oral steroids just aren't for me. I haven't had a physical in quite awhile so I think I will plan on getting one soon. Sorry to let you guys down who wanted to see a log for propadrol. I don't want to bash this product, so take my bodies reaction with a grain of salt.

    After my physical, if everything is alright, maybe I'll start a more appropriate cycle in the future of just Test Enanthate 500mg per week.

  7. That's too bad. but you'll be better off on test e it is more effective and more fun. perhaps you were dehydrated on prop. either way its all gravy some people respond differently and in all kinds of ways. luckily i have responded quite well through it all. the only problems i have is with progestin induced gyno and sometimes lack of libido.

  8. yeah man im starting my cycle next week, but im gonna take 6 0x0, and milk thistle


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