My T-1 Pro Cycle

  1. My T-1 Pro Cycle

    Began on monday, june 9...
    Bodyweight is 194 at about 9-10% bf.

    I've done AAS cycles in the past w/the addition of 4ad at times, this cycle will be 3 pumps of the T1 Pro per day til i run out.......not sure how long it's gonna last though, maybe 5 weeks?

    Training will consist of a modified GVT regimen but instead of 10x10, I'll do 8x8 and pick 2 exercises to get 8 sets from in total. For legs however, I'm sticking with heavier weights for the sumo DL and squat(IMO using GVT for oly. lifts is pointess b/c you I don't feel that the long eccentrics are good in these instances). Training 4-5 days a week if I can get into the gym on the weekends....I'm a busy boy.

    Diet is comprised of roughly 3000 cals a day, and ATLEAST 250 g. protein for day. I'm not looking to get huge, been there done that and being too bulky is just too hard to maintain for me.

    i'll keep this thread going, and if anyone has suggestions/recommendations feel free to chime in

  2. Looks good. TTY
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  3. bodyweight is now 198, can't really tell if anything is working and the weight gain probably comes from the additional calories.

    strength---don't know/ care if it really is up or not, i just wanna change my physique right now.

    i feel tired alot more , probably b/c of the 1ad. I've been taking 1.5squirts, 2x a day and rotating bodyparts for 3 total squirts/pumps/whatever you call it........morning i will do the left shoulder/tri/bi/forearm, nighttime i go with the left quad,back of knee/tops of feet........then repeat on the other side the next day.

    when does this stuff really kick in and am i gonna feel it? i feel a little more wired from the 4ad, but I guess I'm more used to being on tren/dbol and seeing results superfast........

  4. okay into week three I go...........

    I know I am eating above maint. cals and my protein is atleast 250 g a day, I'm not seeing any more results though and i've even bumped it up to 4 pumps (8ml) a day since Sunday.

    I don't know what is wrong here, I mean aside from the lethargy associated w/the 1test I really don't feel much different than when I am natural.

    Bodywt. if the same as my last post, maybe 1-2 lbs more depending on how full I am at the time.

    Overall, I don't know what to say yet about this. Maybe the fact that I've used real gear in the past with fantastic results has led me to think i'd get the same results w/PHs.........maybe I should just inject it? for rela i have no probs w/needles so that may be my next step.

  5. uhh... Don't inject T1-pro. For real. If you've done gear in the past you should know why. Plus, the 1-test will burn like crazy. Just get that thought out of your mind.

    3000 cals seems really low for 200lbs @ 10%BF. Also, is your body fully recoved from your last cycle?

    And you're right, PH won't give as dramatic results as the real thing. I'd recomend increasing cals and hanging tight though weeks 3-5. That's when the 1-test really kicks in for most people.

  6. no no no I wasn't gonna inject t-1 pro, r u nuts? jk

    and yeah I know my cals are lower than they should be, i'll try to bump that up of course and I have been adding in snacks here and we'll see if that is the improvement needed.

    Oh and my last cycle ended back in december, so I know I went into this one fully recoverd.

    I'll keep y'all posted.

  7. No disrespect to anyone involved with the T-1 products but if I were you, I would not expect much from your cycle of T-1. A buddy of mine seems to be having the same experience as you. His last gear cycle was around January so it's not from lack of recovery. Maybe the expectations are just too high and he is watching me kick ass on my dbol and sust.

  8. People do most of their gaining in weeks 3 and 4. Wait it out till the end . You won;t be disappointed... TTY
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  9. bump on curt...also i am only 178 lbs and when i'm taking a t ph cycle, i get in close to 3500-3700, which I feel i need to see results....i'd bump your cals atleast a 1000.

    You're getting good amounts of protein, just add some cals in there...high cals/high carb possibly?


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