is 4 weeks enough?

  1. is 4 weeks enough?

    2 weeks into 1-test/4ad transderm. 10lbs up. should i stop at 4 weeks take 4 maybe lil more off & resume? or would 6 weeks be better? also what is the best legal approach to going off of the stuff. i don't know that i believe in most of these products for sale. no offense. don't have the money either. tia

  2. 4 weeks, 6 week, 8 weeks? Depends on what you are looking for and genetics. The shorter the cycle, the harder it is to maintain gains. Your body is going to try to remain in staisis, and the longer you can hold on to your gains, the better your chances of maintaining them. There is also a large genetic factor involved. Some people can hold on to gains easier than others. For those people who have a harder time holding on to mass, longer cycles are going to be of greater benefit. However, longer cycles have a greater impact on GnRH and thus can be more difficult to recover from.

    Best legal approach to recovery? If you consider yourself a reasearch project, Liquid Clolmid or Nolva. Otherwise, 6-Oxo. I have tried 6-Oxo, and it is effective.

  3. Once you hit about the 4 week mark on your cycle, you natural test will be pretty well suppressed, so stopping for your nads will not matter. You could go 5-6 weeks if you like, but keep in mind other sides (like hair loss and prostate enlargement) from the 1-test.

    A few bottles of 6-oxo is well worth the price IMO and will suppress post cycle estrogen and help get natural test back up A.S.A.P. Also increase flax oil (or other efa's, especially omega 3's) as they help recovery post cycle as well.


  4. smart guys listen to them and get something for post, you really proabably should have had it before you started.

  5. The thing with 1-test is the gains subside after 4 weeks.. So If you run it longer you are helping to solidify the gains. Which is good.. Get some good post cycle like clomid or nolva if you go longer than 4 weeks. If you only do 4 weeks 6-oxo will do.. TTY
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