first cycle question about test e and d-bol

  1. first cycle question about test e and d-bol

    I have used orals like s-drol before with decent results, but want to try something different. I located an example of a begginer type cycle or thats what it said. Basiclly it is wk 1,2,5,6 250 of test e with wks 3,4 being 500 of test e. They add d-bol at 15mg on week 3 and 6 and d-bol at 20mg on wks 4and5. They add clomid at 50 mg a day on wk 7. I have pct in order just wanting to know if this is a decent cycle for a begginer with injectables of is it to short.

  2. No doubt you would get results off of that cycle, but I think it is both too short and unnecessarily complicated.

    More common is something like

    Weeks 1-4: Dbol 30mg ED
    Weeks 1-12: Test E 500mg EW
    Weeks 13.5-17.5: post cycle therapy

    The advantage here is that you could evaluate each steroid by itself since it takes the enanthate ester of testosterone about 2-3 weeks give or take to kick in and start showing its effect. So for the first few weeks you see how you react to dbol. Then drop the dbol and see how you react to just testosterone after that. Furthermore I think there is something to be said for keeping blood levels of testosterone stable.

    Both testosterone and dbol are wetter compounds than Sdrol. So I'd start the cycle at a lowish bodyfat percentage, maybe 10-13% bodyfat for example.

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