my 2nd cycle of 4AD and 1, 4 dione (both orally)

  1. Post my 2nd cycle of 4AD and 1, 4 dione (both orally)

    ok, i started my 2nd cycle on Monday the 9th. it consists of 1000mg 4AD and 600mg 1, 4 dione.

    i also have a lot of 1 AD left but am going to wait and see how good i react to just these. plus i wanted to hold on to em for a cuttting cycle in the near future.

    i had my chest/shoulders/triceps day today. and my bench went down? but my shoulder press went up considerably. by like 10lbs. which was weird, cuz i always had a harder time with a plateauing press than bench press.

    i have formasin on hand for bloat but i dont think ill need it with an oral, but who knows. post cycle therapy will be 6OXO.

    starting weight is 202 and about 10%bf. i actually though it was lower but its been a while since i measured skin folds.

    ill post back every so often to share some things. (hopefully those will be gains, heh)


  2. if ya dont mind me asking, why did you go oral with this cycle?

  3. the reason im not using a trans is because i work a summer job aside from college which makes me sweat, come in contact with other chemicals, etc., etc. and if that isnt enough, the added DMSO would let other contacts get absorbed as well. plus, i swim a lot in the summer

  4. hell of a good point... just was curious

  5. cut cycle short due too some drama.



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