Nolvadex - Method of administration

  1. Question Nolvadex - Method of administration

    I just finished my 4 week cycle on T-1 Pro and am starting my post cycle recovery on Nolvadex from liquid research.

    I have done a search on the method that people use to take it, and have found, droppers, blunt syringes, gels, etc,

    Is their any reason why I could not mix it with my protein shake in the morning?

  2. I chase it down with something but I wouldn't put it into my shake. I use an oral syringe and swoosh it around my cheeks and under my tongue then swallow. The way i look at it is it works well and I never mess around with post cycle. The taste being awful is more bareable than the risk of losing any gains I've made.

  3. Cause it tastes like ****!!!!!! Use a shringe and shoot it into the back of your throat.. TTY
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  4. I just wash it down with seltzer - the bubbles seem to lift that nasty taste right off your tounge better than anything else i have tried

  5. Well so far I have been putting it into my shake for the past two mornings. I have noticed some slight change in the taste of the shake but nothing significant, I just wanted to make sure that their would not be any interference issue cuz its in the shake. If not so far its a very palatable way of taking it.



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