T1 Pro & 1,4 DIOL Cycle

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  1. T1 Pro & 1,4 DIOL Cycle

    Starting cycle Sunday 6/17   

    T1 Pro 3 squirts/day (Heavy dosing)  
    1, 4 DIOL 600mgs/day

    Liquid Nolvadex .5ml/day throughout cycle



    My diet is a 50/15/35 P/C/F split at maintenance level.


    I will be doing a 4 day split and doing 45 minutes of cardio on my off days.



    Liquid Clomid

    wk 1 4ml/day

    wk 2 2ml/day

    wk 3 1ml/day


    Again these are just my notes and thoughts right now.  I'm trying to get them down so I can analyze everything and have everything in place before I start.  So no poking fun!
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  2. Instead of trying a 1 1/2 squirt dose apply 2 squirts before your workout (even if it's a few hours ahead or behind) and 1 squirt for the other application.

    Keep us posted!


  3. It will not really matter. Do the 1 in the morning and 2 for the second application. It just makes it way easier and more accurate dosing.. TTY

  4. Something else to think about.

    I upped the dosage of 1,4 DIOL to 600mgs/day because I am 220lbs. Chemo what do u think I know you preach stay at the reommended dosage but is that for people over 200 as well?


    I don't think Chemo would know what to do if someone actually followed the recommended dosage on his products.

  5. Unless the 1,4diol greatly surpasses the dione I would go with 600mg. That is when I seen results, but then again it was the dione(boldione). I would like to hear about this as well.

  6. Come on bros...you know I put my honest recommendation on the bottles. In the case of 1,4-diol it is meant to be a stacking agent used for the increased vascularity, density, and appetite increase. If one were dead set on using it for anabolic properties then a higher dose would be in order...how much more I cannot comment on and is up to you to decide how to abuse my products


  7. Cool. I see your point.

  8. Decisions decisions! I think I'll stay @ 300mgs.

  9. That's what I would do.

  10. OK It's done.

    What else can we pick apart?

  11. I like it at 600mg myself, then again I was 270 at the time

  12. Originally posted by jweave23
    I like it at 600mg myself, then again I was 270 at the time

    That is the way I look at it.  Why not take advantage of the anabolic purpose of it.  You do have 50lbs. on me though.

  13. Well I started my cycle on Saturday. Appliction was easy although I wouldn't say dish soap cuts through it all that well.

    I have spent the last 3 days unable to sleep and I now have a nice head cold brewing.

    I'm thinking the insomnia is caused by the PHs so I have stopped for a couple of days, and I will start back up again after I manage to get some sleep and get over the cold.

    I feel it is pretty pointless to pump PHs into my body if I can't sleep or train.

  14. Good thinking.. TTY

  15. Good thinking brother!

    I hope you get over that cold quickly and get started. I am excited to see what your results are, I am thinking of t1pro and 1,4 next. Good luck!!!

  16. 600mg/day i suggest....most don't see results at 300mg...its at 600-900mg where the appetite and vascularity comes out

  17. dont get me wrong though, 300mg /day MIGHT work for you.

  18. Started cycle again!!! on Sunday night 6/29

    Starting weight 210lbs. -I feel like a girl. I'm down 10 pounds from the end of my last on cycle. Some of that should be fat though.

    I will be switching to BDC's Beta formula once it arrives in the next couple of days.

    I also have decided to up my volume of training because 1 I have been going heavy for so long I think it will be good to switch and 2 my body has always seemed to respond to more sets and higher reps.

    I am supplementing with

    Beverly Ultra Size
    VPX Micellean
    Optimum whey/Beverly Muscle Provider
    Beveryl Ultra 40 & Mass Aminos
    Vitamin C
    Flax & oats although I count them as food.

    I will also be following a Beverly diet which will allow me to keep calories slightly higher.

  19. 6 days into cycle and I am up 6lbs. For you math geniuses I am @ 216lbs. now.

    Strength increases are going to be hard to determine because I have switched to a high volume of training and therefore I am using lighter weights. The high volume is really kicking my a$$. I did chest 3 days ago and I am still soar. I find it kind of strange I am so soar being on cycle but I think my body is in a great deal of shock from the training switch.

    No sides to report other than some increased acne. The lethargy hasn't even really kicked in yet.

    The only negative thing I have to say about this cycle is that since it's summer I am outside sweating quite a bit and I seem to keep getting residue of the transdermal on my face. I got a bit of a sunburn on my face yesterday and somehow got a bunch on it. I spent 5 minutes with my face dunked in a sink of cold water trying to make the burn go away.

    All in all things are going great and I seem to be responding very well to this stack.

  20. Sounds cool. TTY

  21. So far so good NPursuit. I look forward to the outcome of your cycle.

  22. Thanks guys!

    OK someone asked me to update my cycle so here it is.

    I weighed in 2lbs. less today, which is weird because I had a ton of carbs yesterday, but oh well. So weight is @ 214. I know you guys are keeping up with me though.

    Today was shoulder day and my workout was insane. I stuck to the high volume and I am quickly becoming addicted to it. I don't think I'll be able to lift my arms tomorrow but who cares. Tomorrow is cardio.

    No sides and the increased acne seems to be subsiding as well.

    My beta bottle arrived today and I'm trying really hard not to break into it. I'm going to start that at the beginning of week 3. Thanks Chemo!.

  23. In the middle of day 10.

    I haven't weighed myself today but yesterday I was up another pound. @ 215 now.

    This stuff is sick! I'm looking a lot bigger and vascular all around. I feel leaner. My arms, chest, and shoulders are out of control. I don't know what to say except I am thoroughly impressed with this cycle. Not that I had any doubts.

    My calories have been varying from day to day because I'm fighting with the decision of feeding my body more to take advantage of the anabolic state I'm in, even though I'm suppose to be cutting. I figure I can get away with more calories while on cycle.

    Acne has subsided completely (crossing fingers)
    No lethargy what so ever. In fact I had one of my best runs ever the other day in 90+ degree heat.

    Yesterday was suppose to be tris/bis. My tri workout was sick! I stopped on bis after 1 set because my pump was so huge I really felt like I couldn't move my arms anymore. I'm hitting bis and cardio today.

    If I wasn't going to St. Lucia in 4 weeks I would probably run this cycle 2 extra weeks. Even though I did a VPX cycle 4 weeks before this one I feel I can get away with another cycle after a 4 week post cycle. We shall see.

    That beta bottle keeps staring at me. I'm going to hold off on it until Sunday night.

  24. Sounds like you're making great progress! I'm looking to do the same type of cyle next. Is the 1,4 ando you are using from 1-fast? Not sure on wether to take it orally or try it transdermally.

  25. Originally posted by SCORPIO
    Sounds like you're making great progress! I'm looking to do the same type of cyle next. Is the 1,4 ando you are using from 1-fast? Not sure on wether to take it orally or try it transdermally.
    It's BDC's 1,4 DIOL.  1,4's converts at such a high rate orally you don't need to take it transdermally but it wouldn't hurt. 

  26. Started the Beta formula tonight. I just applied it a few minutes ago. This stuff is warm! The lotion is slightly thinner. I will post in again tomorrow with more results.

  27. NPursuit, 1,4 diol is crap. Listen to 1fast. J/k. Again congrats.

  28. hey bro, how has ur volume training been going? compared to ur normal fewer sets,heavy weights? and in relation to past cycles w/ it.

    btw, good luck on ur cycle.

  29. OK Here we go.

    Weight is the same @ 215 but I am leaning out so I'll definitely take that.

    My training is going great! I'm addicted to the higher volume and the pain that it brings on.

    Lethargy? What lethargy my cardio and workouts have been some of the most intense I have ever had. I just did a full chest workout and a 45 minute jog with no problem.

    The increased acne has returned but it's well worth it.

    As I reported in the beta formula thread. The new lotion is not irritating at all. The drying time is a little longer but when it's an issue I just spread it out more.

  30. 1 week left

    Well weight is still @ 215. I've leaned out slightly the last couple of days. I was a bit tired the last couple of days but I'm not positive if it's 1-test lethargy or poor sleeping.

    A little sign of panic happened sitting here reading the boards. I noticed running my hands through my hair caused about 5 hairs to fall out. So I did it a couple of more times and about 5 more hairs fell out and again and again. I can sit here and get one to two hairs out every time I run my hand through my hair.  So I'm wondering if it's something to be concerned with or is that considered a small of amount????????????????????????

    If there is one thing that could get me stop my cycle right away it's hair loss.  I have never had a problem in the past on my VPX cycles and MPB does not run in my family.

  31. NPursuit looks good cept for the hair-scare.
    I would think you may be over-reacting, hows the shower look when your finnished?
    Good luck bro.......

    Leaning out while getting stronger, i like it.

  32. Originally posted by dieseldude
    NPursuit looks good cept for the hair-scare.
    I would think you may be over-reacting, hows the shower look when your finnished?
    Good luck bro.......

    Leaning out while getting stronger, i like it.

    Yeah I may be over reacting but I would rather be safe than sorry.  I'll keep my eye on it the next couple of days, especially in the shower.  If it continues I will definitely get something for it.  I'm getting married in a couple of weeks and thinning hair was not in the game plan.  It may just be from being in the lake all weekend and wearing a hat.  My scalp feels a little irritated.  Sitting here now when I run my hands through my hair I only get one every couple of swipes.

  33. Sitting here now when I run my hands through my hair I only get one every couple of swipes.
    LMAO knock it off bro, your probably just pullin em out now.

    On the brighter side, once ya get married ya dont need alot of hair anymore.............. J/K bro, trying to lighten it up a lil LOL!


  34. Originally posted by dieseldude

    LMAO knock it off bro, your probably just pullin em out now.
    LOL I was thinking the same thing.

    I'm trying to chill about it.  At least I still applied my T1 Pro this morning.

  35. Good job bro,

    Keep up the hard work!!!

  36. Well, N.... I'm not too sure you're imagining things, as I seem to have a really easy time getting hairs around my temples to come out.


  37. OK Back on track. The hair scare has seemed to have subsided. I purchased some Spiro just in case and for a peace of mind.

    OK Workouts have been sick. I'm pumped, hard, and getting lean and green.

    Like I said strength was going to be hard to determine but I have no doubts that I have gained strength.

    Everyone spent the weekend talking about how much I've gained so that's all I need to make me work even harder.

    Since I'll be going to St. Lucia in 2 weeks I picked up some V12 and 60X0 to bring with me.

    This is my last week unfortunately on this stack and I'm going to make it count.

    I picked up the Anarchy Stack but I may wait till post cycle to start that.

  38. hey 'N', if u wouldn't mind, could u post back on how ur post cycle went w/ the V12? I was thinkin about doin the same thing here after my upcoming cycle. just a little feedback on how it went for ya.

    btw, congrats on ur marriage, and is the St. Lucia trip for u guys' honeymoon? where is that at?

    --thx brother..........

  39. Hey Jergo I haven't started the V12 yet. I will start that on this post cycle starting next week )=

    Thanks on the congrats bro. The marriage and the honeymoon are both in St. Lucia. I'm so lucky I got out of the big church wedding (=

  40. Well I figured I better update this thread. I've been extremely busy trying to get ready for the trip, but I have kept my training up.

    All in all it was a great cycle. I wish I could have gained a few more pounds but I know I just should have eaten more. It was to be a cutting cycle anyway. I leaned out very well and I have some great definition throughout my entire body now. My veins are out of control and everyone has commented on the gains the last couple of weeks.

    I really wish I could have run this cycle 2 more weeks because I feel the gains were really kicking off the last 2.

    I started my 60X0 and V12. I will probably switch to clomid after my first bottle of 60X0 is gone. I really didn't want to bother with trying to get clomid on a plane. nor did I want to be a crying whining sappy drunk bitch on my wedding/honeymoon.

    Of course I'm already thinking about my next cycle and will most defnitely be T1 Pro again. I have enough for a 6 week cycle between the beta and original bottle. My next cycle will be with calories near 4500 day and less cadio (maybe).

    I will keep this thread update with my post cycle results.


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