UCP-1 results

  1. UCP-1 results

    Just got done my 2 weeks with ucp-1.

    Overall I went from 15%bf to 13%. I achieved this by doing HIIT mixed with low intensity cardio. MWS was HIIT days and then fast walking for 30 min on Tues, and thurs.

    To assure keeping muscle I planned it out so that when I was starting my 2nd week on ucp-1 I was also starting my next 1-test, 4ad cycle.

    I have to say it is a good product and I would recommend it. Sides that i got were heat from time to time and that's about it. As for right now I'm at 12% and up to 233(starting weight before UCP-1 230 at 15%). today is the first day of week 3 so the best is yet to come. Any questions fire away.
    late J
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  2. Forgot to mention Diet. I wasn't on anything special just ate pretty much clean foods. High protein, low fats kind of deal. I'm also using an EC stack, but only take one dose in the morning to get me going, since this is when I work out most days. Late J

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