Cycle and PCT advise

  1. Cycle and PCT advise

    I am planning on hitting the following cycle...

    wk 1-4 40mg dbol/day
    wk 1-14 400mg deca/wk
    wk 1-17 750mg test e/wk

    PCT - this is where I need the most help...

    Toremifene - 120 first 4 days, then to 90 for 3, 60 for 2 weeks, and 30 for one
    Letro - .25mgs/day
    DEHA - 200mgs/day

    Quick stats - 37yrs old, 6ft, 230, 20%bf (I know I should be a bit lower, but I plan on bulking hard the rest of this year then running a cutter next spring) This will be my 3rd cycle.

    I have the Letro because a friend gave it to me and based on my research I thought I could use it like so.

  2. looks alright. I would get some HCG and run it throughout the cycle, you could start the HCG say week 4.

    Have you ever ran deca before? You will be plenty shutdown and PCT might be tuff, HCG on cycle would help.

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