T1 Pro usage observation

  1. T1 Pro usage observation

    I started May 26, so it's been about 10 days. Beside the normal changes I noticed that I am getting hair growth here and there. I mean I am pretty hairless but have found some long hair growth on my arms. Also I am using the spray and often inhale the stuff. Can't be good for the lungs, membranes.

    Anyways I am hoping I can eat better this time. I tend to undereat. Next week I am going to NYC and will bring the spray with me. Security at the airports will not give me trouble for bringing 'a bottle of hairspray' would they? Hopefully the hotel has a nice gym.

  2. Hey BB101 you in the tourney this weekend? Take a deep breath before squirting it on.. It burns too much for me... TTY
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  3. Yeah we are. We moved to div 2. 3-1, one win by default, 1 loss by 15 or so, and the two wins by 19 and 23 runs.

  4. see yah there.. TTY
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