Getting T-1 Pro, advise on details!

  1. Getting T-1 Pro, advise on details!

    Okay, so I think I will do two four week cycles of t-1 pro. I want to get real lean. My current Diet is about 300g carbs 200g pro and 65g fat. I weigh about 200lbs at an aporiximate 13% bf.

    Now I will run nolva for post cycle. But nothing else, and I may need it during cycle for any gyno that may occur.

    Okay. So what should my diet be at for lean lean gains?
    Also, Training, I was thinking 15 sets per muscle group. Four Day split. MON TUES, THURS FRI. Plus 3X30min cardio sessions. Is this going to be sufficient?

    I am currently training four days a week for an hour and doing 12 sets per muscle group.

    Also, would it maybe be better to use the whole bottle over 6 weeks, from what ive heard gains shut down after 4.

  2. When on ph's you can effectively hit every body part twice a week. Training once a week you're only gonna hit each body part 4 times and the first two weeks the ph's haven't even really kicked in. PM me your name if we talked through email

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