First cycle help: Sustanon 350 and superdrol with pct torm, clomid, and hcg

  1. First cycle help: Sustanon 350 and superdrol with pct torm, clomid, and hcg

    Ok so I have plenty of questions to ask because I already decided to do a cycle for cutting up this summer to maintain or possibly gain some muscle since Im quite happy with the size I already put on. Anyway, I decided to try sustanon 350 for 5 weeks and then since it stays in the body as effective for one month, Ill do superdrol 3 weeker after I finish my last shot of sustanon to bridge into the pct nicely. I havent purchased the sustanon yet but from what I was told, I need two shots a week of sustanon for it to be an effective cutting cycle so I can harden and gain a little bit of muscle while cutting the fat. Ok so here are my specific questions because I will not consider this cycle until these questions are clear.

    1. I plan on using nolva 10 mgs everyday since sustanon aromatizes, is this a good dose to prevent problems with gyno during cycle?

    2. After my 5 week cycle of 2 shots per week of sustanon 350, I plan on using superdrol for 3 weeks on relatively low doses 10,10,20 and then giving myself one week off everything and then immediately starting on pct. Is this a good idea considering sustanon is effective 1 month after last shot? The way I see it, why do pct if its still in my system, this is why Im considering the bridge theory.

    3. I plan on using a 5 week pct. First week toremifene, clomid. Second week less torm and clomid , third, fourth and fifth week only toremifene and cut out clomid, if I run out then I'll use low dose nolva to taper off...I may also use dhea and/or activate throughout my pct . Is this a sufficient enough pct considering my cutting cycle?

  2. Btw, forgot to mention my stats:
    *4 years of training
    *178 lbs. about 17% bf
    *all time best lift:
    Bench 250 lbs. x 1
    Squat 325 lbs. x 1
    Deadlift 375 lbs. x 1
    Shoulder press 175 lbs. x 1
    Tricep extension 110 lbs. x 2
    Dumbbell curl 55 lb. dumbbells 5 times per arm
    Bent over rows: 225 lbs. x 8

    *all these stats including the pictures I uploaded of myself are done naturally in the past 4 years. Just recently (less than 2 weeks ago started superdrol my first steroid) I decided to start using steroids so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a good idea of how to start my upcoming cycle but I need clarification ofcourse.

  3. Come on now people. Hook it up with some "advises" dahhh in the choppa now!

  4. I don't know much about injectables, but I've never heard someone recommend a 5 week cycle. Can you get twice as much and do 10 weeks?

  5. I wish, way too expensive besides 5 weeks should be very effective for my first cycle. Plus I decided instead I'll throw in d-bol for the last 2 weeks of sustanon AND the 3-4 week bridge into pct since I want to take something while I wait to be allowedt od o pct since sustanon stays in the system as "effective" for about a month. so I figure that's a good long cycle right there. 8 weeks sounds plenty to me. It's my first time too so I don't wanna go overboard.

  6. This is quite a potent first cycle dude. Maybe a bit too potent
    IMO. If you've never used gear before, you should respond well to just about any of it. Now, you'd be wise if you try and
    keep your doses to the minimum amount that will still produce
    good results. There is no real reason for you to stack anything
    for your early cycles. Assuming your diet is appropriate, one
    shot of Sustenon per week for about 5 weeks and then one
    every 10 days for about three weeks should do ya. Then you
    can go to your PCT.


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