New Cycle

  1. New Cycle

    Started Sunday - here is the breakdown:

    I am currently 165 at 17-18% BF. My goal is to be under 14% BF by the end of this cycle if possible(10 weeks ago i looked like i was 5 months pregnant with my belly being so huge and around 34-40%BF at 180).

    I am doing a CKD diet. My BMR is around 2100 cals. i am going to eat around 2700 - 2800. Basically eating exactly what i have been just in larger quantities. Pre WO i drink V-12 and glutamine 30 minutes prior with 2 uniliver (find it gives me some extra energy). PW is 40G syntrax nectar, 30G dextrose, 20G glutamine, 2G vitamin c crystals. First meal right when i wake up is 40G VP2 protein and 3 Tbsp of flax oil. Meals thru the day i try to get all the proteins i can from all the diff. sources bc the deli by me is real fancy and some days they make whole salmons - so i try to get chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, and beef every day. I am going to start drinking one scoop Isomatrix with 2 tbsp flax oil right before bed starting tonight too.

    My supps are:
    Xenadrine at 2 2X a day. I have a week of V-12 left which i will finish. Yohimbine 15 mg a day till i run out. T-heat for a bottle 2X a day. Multi vite. 4 uniliver with every meal. I take 300mg ALA per meal but i am switching to R-ala tomorrow and cutting dosage in half. Glutamine at 20G pre and post WO. In-rage Beta 4 squirts 30 minutes out and 2 just before i go in the gym.

    1fasts 1,4 andro 200mg 3X per day as far apart as possible. Morning and night I do 1 squirt of T-1 Pro and one squirt of T-1 final for 4 weeks.

    Measurements on Sunday:
    Body part Right Left
    Forearm 12.25 12
    Arm 14.75 14.75
    Shoulder 17.5 17
    Waist 37" at belly button
    Chest 40.25
    Legs 23.5 22.5
    Calf 15.5 14.75

    I am doing a Max-OT style workout. The only thing I am changing while "on" PH is increasing my volume. nothing is in stone as I like to feel it out as I work out - if I am rocking on deadlifts I will add extra sets - if something feels ****ty I will do just the basics i set up for that exercise.

    Post cycle-
    Just doing nolva 40mg first week and then 20mg next 2 weeks.

    Let me know if I missed anything I should be doing please. I will also put some pics up later after my digi cam is charged. A pic reflecting me 10 weeks ago when I was "pregnant", a few pics of me today and them some more 1 week after I finish everything. I also have ucp-1 but donít think I should take while on CKD as it will not do much - will probably save for when I come off ckd.
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  2. Good luck man.. TTY
    Allow PHP BB Code Yes

  3. Here is my old fat a$$ about a year ago - i put 10-20 pounds on since that picture before i started my diet - but cant find any more recent pics.
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  4. if anyone knows how to shrink an image in photroshop reply or PM me. if i put the pic in now it takes up more than the whole screen.

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  5. open in paint under accessories. outline what u want. copy. open new paste save.

  6. From this week

  7. Whats a good dose of saw palmetto per day? i think my prostate is starting to act up, so i got some caps at 160mg of extract per pill.

  8. 1g per day

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  9. i measured my arms today and they are up to 15 inches(1/4"). all my lifts are up so far this week. i dont usually get on the scale at night but i have not weighed myself since i started the cycle so i wanted to post an update - i am up to 174 pounds - i dont know if it will still be like that in the AM, but we will see. my Body fat is down at about 17% now too. i ran out of the yohimbine today. I also feel bloated as hell. My prostate still feels a bit off, so tomorrow i am going to start 320mg per meal for 4 meals up from 3.

  10. OK - So i am only 170 this AM - but that still means i am up 5 pounds and ahve dropped a BF%.


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