my anapolon cycle

  1. my anapolon cycle

    i did a 5 week cycle with anapolon. it was a good cycle with good lasting results. i gained a total of 14 lbs and had no sides. if people are intrested in this cycle ill do a complete write up.

  2. I am definitely interested in getting a write-up on it. That is a cycle I would definitely consider doing at some point.

  3. this is the write up i did. its a lil choppy since im off of it now and this write up was from when i was on.

    im on week 3 of anapolon and wanted to share my gains. my cycle consisted of taking 50 mg the first week to get started. in the first week i didnt notice much weight or strength wise. week 2 i uped to 100 mg. this is where i started noticing my gains. my weight went up approximatly 8 lbs and my strength went up in several areas. my bench gained about 30 lbs and this is only week 2. im now in week 3 and am now up 12 lbs since i started. my strength is still gaining and i feel an incredible pump. ill post my diet and workouts later
    so on week 3 i bumped to 150 mg and ive had alot of improvements. i get an amazing pump and my strength has improved drasticaly.
    my diet consists of 6 boiled eggs, cottage cheese with protein powder mixed in and oarnges for breakfast.
    usualy a protein bar around 10 am
    lunch i have fish or grilled chicken breast and vegetables.
    protein drink around 4 pm before i go to the gym.
    after the gym i eat dinner which is usualy tuna and brocili.

    im stationed in iraq so my diet is limited to what we have in our cafeteria.
    my sleep hasnt changed any, i do my best to get 8 hours a day even if its not consisitent sleep. if i have to wake up early and i only get 6 hours of sleep, i make time for a 2 hour nap later.
    i chose not to stack it. simply because of my living comditions here in iraq i didnt know how much id be able to train and didnt want to waste a cycle. a great plus is i have no side effects at all.... this stuff is way better than superdrol and s-drol gave me gyno. so far i havnt had any sides.
    my training is pretty solid. i work out with a former body builder. hes got me on working out 6 days out of the week and every two weeks i take a full weekend off.
    its the typical back and bi day, chest and tri, shoulders and hams, cardio and quads. i alternate everyday with either calves or abs.

    now i have had a complete gain of 16 lbs and my body fat hasnt increased any. im getting ready to drop doses down and prepare for post cycle.

  4. Thanks for the feedback.

    What was your diet like in terms of calories? Were you pretty far over maintenance the whole time or at more moderate calories?

    This isn't the first time I have read about people getting the very best results from anadrol when the dose gets over 100mg ED.

    Also, how much were able to gain from superdrol and at what dose compared to anadrol? I would suspect you'd get more mass from anadrol but the gains would be leaner from SD? I am surprised you managed not to gain any bodyfat with anadrol. I heard it can be a bit of a wet compound.

    Overall, looking very good!

  5. ill be honest... with my unfortanite style of living here in iraq i havent been counting. we have a main line that serves what is suppose to be healthy for us and a short order or fat foods. i eat whatever seems to be healthy that day... sorry im just not able to tally it up

    when i used superdrol i gained 11 lbs and maintained 8 of it. i cut the cycle short due to side effects i had on it. comparitive i would say that anadrol is three times better but thats from my personal expierence for these reasons- A. no sides. B. cost/effective ratio and C. weight kept after cycle

    thanks, i wish i had before pics but i know better for next time
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