My first 1-test cycle

  1. My first 1-test cycle

    I have the liquid homebrew with 8 grams 1-test and 6 grams 4AD. I plan on 2 mls twice a day. I plan on doing this for 4 weeks. I have clomid for post cycle. I am 185 and around 10% BF.

    I have done 1AD at 300 mgs per day once. I have also done 4AD alone in Adrospray (Biotest). And have done one cycle with Finasol.

    Sorry for rambling, but just laying some background. I was looking for opinions of my dosage. Have everything and plan on starting tomorrow.

    Thanks for input!!

  2. 2ml twice a day is fine. Have fun and up it if YOU feel you need to.

  3. Lokks alright.. But I would say up it a little. It depends on your goals though.. You may respond well to that low of a dose.. See how you feel after the first week or so. The up it if YOU feel like it.. TTY
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  4. Yeh i think curtis is right .Up thedosage and you will feel it after the first week or so.Good luck dude!!!!!!

  5. Up the dosage to what?? 3 mls twice a day??

    I am already up a few pounds after a week. I was 189 yesterday. Strength gains haven't kicked in yet, but don't expect it until next week. I guess I will keep at 2 mls twice a day for another week.

    Thanks for the input!!

  6. Gtechman don't listen to these 1test junkies If good things are happening at 2ml twice a day then stay there. I did 2ml twice a day with t-1pro and gained about 13 pounds. Stick with the low for now, although i shouldn't be talking since I'm above and beyone insane dosage right now on my 1test 4ad cycle.
    Late J

  7. Lemelange sent me a free bottle of oil.....Sweet Orange. Would this be ok to add to the mix to combat the slight smell? My wife is starting to notice it. I don't know how many of you guys are married, but if the wife ain't liking the way you smell, you ain't gonna be happy. I think you know what I mean.


  8. Yes add about 2mls to it.. That may help.. TTY
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