Looking To Drop Weight

  1. Looking To Drop Weight

    What Work's Good And Fast For Dropping Weight ?
    Dont Want A Lot Of Side's, Hope Someone Has Some Input.
    5'7 225 Just Got Back Into Lifting And Need To Drop Before I Gain.
    Appreciate The Knowledge From Here.
    Thanks .
    Yes I Am Dieting And Excercising.
    I Live In An Instant World , Push A Button And It Is Here , Wish It Was That Easy. I Wanna Be Like Ronnie....:

  2. What cycles have you done and what have you used in the past as far as steroids and fat burning/diet aids?

    If your bodyfat percentage is pretty high and you are just returning to training, you can probably achieve really good dieting results without adding much at this point. It is when you get much leaner that muscle sparing and fat burning aids will help most.

    Give more info.

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