Just ordered my next cycle.

  1. Just ordered my next cycle.

    It's gonna be 10 grams 1-test in a bottle of T-gel and 15 grams 4AD in another bottle of T-gel. 3 squirts a day out of each bottle. I did Nolva for post-cycle last time, probably use it again this time. Maybe Nolva and clomid together. I didn't really get the gains I wanted last time cuz I got sick for a few days and I was working really hard. This time I'll be on vacation the first 3 weeks, so I can sleep and eat as much as I want. I think I'm going to try switching to front squats and see how I like those.

  2. I'm sorry to sound like an ******* here, but why would you knowingly start a cycle while on vacation and not be able to "eat and sleep" as much as you want to... those things are KEY to making gains... to eat a TON from day 1 until the end of your post cycle (****, I started eating heavy a week before I started to get my body used to it), and to get the proper amount of sleep. You'll be missing 2/3 of the key weeks of a 1-test cycle (2-4 IMHO) pretty much, not a good idea.
    Maybe just run a higher-dose 4 weeker after you get back from vacation, or start the 6 weeker at that dosage when you get back, maybe start it the last week of your vacation if you must.

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  3. manbeast i think you need to reread his post.

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