Scotty's T1 pro log

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  1. Thumbs up

    Have at it lunchbox! Good luck man, you can do another 20lbs no problem

  2. <--------------------Here's what I'm shooting for

  3. Good luck Scotty. Great gains on the last cycle bro. I hope to see the results of this one later on. 20 pounds is good man. I hope you can get another 20 if you want it.

  4. Day 3, 250 today. Gotta focus on keeping my food down. As some of you know, almost choked to death on a hunk of steak last night. Coughed it up, caught it midair and ate it, much better.

  5. Nothin quite like the taste of partially digested, ralphed-up meat to keep the motivational fires burnin. You's hardcore bubba


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