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  1. I upped them a couple hundred cals(some extra pb). Wait til I start the new cycle, going for 6000!

  2. Alright, off cycle 5 days, this morning weighed 242(up 2 lbs), someone explain please.

  3. Originally posted by scotty2
    Alright, off cycle 5 days, this morning weighed 242(up 2 lbs), someone explain please.
    shoot...with 6000 cals, i aint suprised that you gaining weight after cycle. (ha) you measuring at the same time of the day? the fluxuation of body weight as you know ranges 4-5 pounds easy depending on if you are stepping on the scale in the morning, after meal, after cardio/weight training, during, before sleep...) hey, maybe your post cycle regimine a good stack for getting back. I also went through a even level/slight increase in weight for the first 5-7 days of post but went back down the 2.5 weeks afterwords. Also, it might be that your volume in trainging decrease could help boost that weight slightly.

  4. Haven't gone to 6000 cals/day yet, still stedy 5000

  5. Originally posted by ex_banana-eater
    hyperplasia only accounts for less than 10% of muscular gains
    Yes it does...but...

    when you have more muscle fibers.....that gives you more muscle that will grow and possibly split again, etc, etc.

    It may represent 10% in the short run but in the long run it represents much more.


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  6. 244 lbs yesterday. Strength goes up again, squat 405X6. Off cycle almost 2 weeks.

  7. Originally posted by Kay

    as far as i know, there is no scientefic evidence of hyperplasia in humans, only in rats !
    Can't lay my hands on the data, but it does work in humans - not as well as other creatures though!
    My lecturer was a Senior Chartered Physiotherapist, who had access to the data more readily.

    I know that other creatures gain mass from hyperplasia more readily - in fact, it is possible that it accounts for the majority of muscle mass increase in some cases. Some of the experiments were done on birds, where stretching the pectoral muscle was involved. If I remember correctly, a 60-70% increase in muscle fibres was observed.
    Just in case anyone fancies trying this - you need to be aware that the bird's wings were pinned back in such a way that they were in a constant stretch for 6 WEEKS!
    Humans aren't build the same, but hyperplasia is accepted as occurring in humans, but at a much lower rate than other animals.
    It's all down to the satellite cells and how they behave - usually, when a fibre splits, it recombines but increases the number of myofibrils- (hypertrophy); sometimes though, especially when heavy weights/low reps (this includes NEGATIVES) the fibres split in two and the satellite cells then combine with each half to form a new fibre. Hypertrophy of this fibre at a later date will occur in the same way as normal.

  8. Great results Scotty keep up the work bro. When does the next cycle start? Keep us updated Peace

  9. Starting new cycle today. Starting weight 248lbs. Gonna do 16ml(8 squirts)/day T1 and 5500-6000 cals/day.

  10. Originally posted by scotty2
    Starting new cycle today. Starting weight 248lbs. Gonna do 16ml(8 squirts)/day T1 and 5500-6000 cals/day.
    20lbs, comin up! Good deal, keep that **** updated and go kick some ass.
  11. Thumbs up

    Have at it lunchbox! Good luck man, you can do another 20lbs no problem

  12. <--------------------Here's what I'm shooting for

  13. Good luck Scotty. Great gains on the last cycle bro. I hope to see the results of this one later on. 20 pounds is good man. I hope you can get another 20 if you want it.

  14. Day 3, 250 today. Gotta focus on keeping my food down. As some of you know, almost choked to death on a hunk of steak last night. Coughed it up, caught it midair and ate it, much better.

  15. Nothin quite like the taste of partially digested, ralphed-up meat to keep the motivational fires burnin. You's hardcore bubba


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