Looking to start a PH cycle...Need help

  1. Looking to start a PH cycle...Need help

    I posted a message very similar to this in the Prohomones category.

    I've never done a prohomone but my original plan was to take a cycle of ErgoPharm 1-ad(300mg first 6 days and 600 last 27days) AST 4-andro (250mg first 6 days and 500mg last 27 days) and then ErgoPharm 6-OXO for roughly 3 weeks along with whole made ZMA.

    After being on this site for a while it seems to favor T-1. I don't think I'd be a big fan of a transdermal but I'm not too familar how they work. So far from what I hear from a previous message you just rub them on your skin where your skin is thin. Seems like there should be more to it or something. Does it wash off (seems like you waste it then) or can it cause rashes?

    For these people who take a T-1 Final cycle do you take anything else with it? Like the 1-AD cycle you take the 4-AD along with it...do you need 4-AD with this cycle too or is there enough in the T-1 stuff?

    Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  2. Dermals are more effective and are way more cost effective. Why dont you favor them?

    If anything you need to front load your PH's with higher doses in the beging and then go down to a level point for the rest of your time.

  3. Just to help you out with orals they get around 5% of them usable.. With transdermals you get 40%. That means less phs and less money and more effective cycle. Yes you just rub them on. they will then absorb into you bloodstream over the next 12 hrs. Yes you can wash it off if you shower within a couple hrs but toher than that no.. About the rash some people have develoted one but not too many you will be fine. Go for it. If you are even keener you will try to build it yourself. All the info is here. Hope that helps.. TTY
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