looking for input on upcoming ph cycles

  1. looking for input on upcoming ph cycles

    i have 3 p/h and an a/s cycle under my belt. my goal is to have a 6-8 week bulking cycle with a 4-6 wk pct followed by another 4-8 wk lean gain/hardening cycle depending on how i feel.

    This is what i got
    finigenx magnum x2
    superdrol x2
    phera-max x2
    mega-trn x2
    and a bottle of mega-zol

    im 5'7" bout 175 ish i wish i knew my bf% but i dont right now

    im feelin a superdrol/phera cycle prob bout 6-8 weeks pct will prob be a combo of nolva and retain and maybe something else we'll see how i feel. After bout 4 weeks i should feel great but ill prob wait another 2 weeks before i start my hardening cycle which will prob be both bottles of finigenx magnum (240cc) maybe 4 wks of phera then m-trn and m-zol

    so... wut do u guys think ill give the dosages soon when i get some replies...i know what some of you are thinking.. STACK EM ALL !! LET ME KNOW WHAT U GUYS THINK THANX

  2. My personaly choice would be to use superdrol for the bulker but to limit it to no more than 4 weeks. I'd get bloodwork done after pct before starting another methyl cycle for lean gain/hardening.

    Have you considered using injectibles to limit liver toxicity and be able to run longer cycles. A test base for any bulker you run might be beneficial.

  3. yeah i have but i hate the soreness around the injection sites. ive tried glutes and shoulders and i evcen split up the doses but it hurts for about a week....i still finish the bottles im not a *****...i just did a 12 week test/deca cycle but no matter what i just cant get used to the soreness... it affects me in the gym, work and i cant sit down... if ne one has a suggestion id love to hear it. i get rid of all the air bubbles i know what im doin. I have good results with phera and superdrol, im prob gonna bridge the superdrol/phera for the first cycle then ill get blood work done after 4 weeks of pct and go from there. ive done a phera/superdrol/finigenx cycle at high doses for about 8 and stopped right before i ran outta the superdrol cuz it was getting to harsh around week 8 i know i shouldnt do that again

  4. As far as suggestions to limit soreness around the injection site, it depends on what you have tried so far.

    The most likely case is either you react really poorly to the BA in your gear or you simply have been using gear that is made with inappropriate concentrations of BA and BB.

    I'll assume you have tried different brands of gear. Some are known to be more painful, some less. I have heard of a few basic techniques to help with pain. You can try heating the oil in the syringe right before injecting. Also inject very slowly using 25gauge for delts and 23 for quads or glutes.

    You can make or have made gear with different percentages of BA and BB (also look into using Ethyl Oleate (sp?) as a thinning mechanism. some people really like that stuff). You could try cutting it with sterile oil or just getting gear that is at a lower mg/ml dosing. You can also split your shots up so that you don't inject so many cc's at once.

    There is a triangular area somewhere on the side of your hip around near your ass that is supposed to be pain free. Find it and learn how to inject there and you may be in good shape (as long as it isn't the ba or bb that is causing all the trouble).

    It really depends on what you have tried to limit pain thusfar?

    Whatever people say you can certainly run an oral only cycle and get good results. But unless you plan to stop using fairly soon and are serious about it, you might as well resolve the injection issue and keep your liver safer in the long run.

  5. i tried splitting doses up between my delts and glutes but same pain. doses are concentrated at 250mg/ml and the gear was def legit and ive tried all kinds of spots... ph's are much cheaper and ive had excellent gains off of substances such as sd, pp, finigenx, and m-trn which i have LOTS of each so im prob gonna split em up into 2 awesome cycles im not sure yet ive been patiently preloading live supps and what not and summer will be herebefore u know it so im def gonna start at least the sd and finigenx by jan 22



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