My first cycle starts tommorow (D.D.)

  1. My first cycle starts tommorow (D.D.)

    After much thought and fighting with myself for the past year or so i have finally decided to try some "gear"

    This should give me some good gains
    Weeks 1-12 200mg. Test Cypionate
    Weeks 1-12 100mg. Boldenone
    Weeks 12-14 2000 i.u HCG
    Weeks 14-17 Recommended dose of Nolvadex

    My first shot will be in the morning, nice first-timer glute shot.
    I will be doing this cycle with my training partner, it should be fun because we are almost on the same weights for every movement.
    Im very nervous but also very excited.

    Please let me know if im missing anything, this all came about quite fast and i want to make sure all my bases are covered.
    I have plenty of Nolvadex lying around (4 bottles)
    two bottles of Formosin.
    I do not have the HCG in my possession but can get it in one day, some say its not even necessary but im going to do a little more digging on this matter.


    My stomach has been flip-flopping all day, im not so sure why but it kinda feels like after tommorow my life will change forever. I guess it will wont it?
    Hope everything goes well and my worries are just insecurities.......
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  2. Originally posted by dieseldude
    Hope everything goes well and my worries are just insecurities.......

    No, it just shows that your are intelligent. Such decisions should not be taken lightly.

  3. as some shared on Jay's forum, your dosage for the test is extremely low. Havent read your reasoning behind it. It is most ideal and smart to take a low/moderate dosage when running the first cycle btu 200mg/week is too low. Sage

  4. Agreed with SAGE about dosages, just wondering the reasoning of this? From what i've read sides are the same from test at 250mg and 500mg and 100mg of EQ, will that even kick in before the cycle ends? Just to let you know from my experience so far, i'm about to start week 6 of my cycle, 500mg test enanthate, 400mg EQ and 30mg d-bol since week two, my weight is up 22lbs as of today, my sides have been acne through hair and that's it. Either way, good luck with the cycle, hope you change your mind about dosages but to each his own.

  5. I guess im a little confused.
    I know most cycles that i read here and other places usually have a base of [email protected] 500mg or higher per week.
    Im not skimping because i dont have enough, just convinced that i wouldnt need anymore.
    Would such low dosing be a waste of time/ money?
    Im going to hold off a few days till i rethink my dosing.
    All input is appreciated.
    I can easily bump the dosing of each, all i have to find is a half way point.
    Maybe 500mg test and 400mg EQ is better, ill do this instead.

  6. 500 Cyp and 400 Eq is way better Mike. Thats a good cycle



  7. I would up it to 500 on the test and 400 on the EQ. The lower levels will just shut your natural production down and not really give you anything in return. IMO

  8. Ok i got it figured out now, mon and thursday will be the days we do 200mg CYP and 200mg EQ.
    Thanks for all your help guys.
    This morning i was a little bit of a wreck but the injection went smooooooth. All my fears subsided after that first one was ot of the way.

  9. Good decision to up the dosages, wish you best of luck!

  10. how's the cycle going bro?

  11. Sorry....

    Tommorow will finish out my second full week training with my first cycle, the thing that i have noticed most are incredible pumps while training, and even up to an hour later. Wednesday my quads felt like the were gonna split from 20 rep squats. Im sure that starting this cycle has motivated me, even freshened up my routine but these pumps are incredible. I love it!

    My weight when i started was 214 lbs, 13%BF . Im 5'9"
    This morning naked after Bathroom break i was 221, yesterday 219 so i am gaining weight. I also am making the best effort possible to count calories, i figured i owe it to this cycle so i will while im "on."
    I doing my best to get 4000-4500 calories per day, something like 40/40/20.

    Keeping it as simple as i can the first time around, injections twice per week 200cyp
    200 EQ
    Im thinking of bumping my test up to 500 mg per week for the remainder of this cycle. Not sure yet everything seems to working nicely the way it is....
    Mood= Awesome ( the roof could collapse and i dont care, test is awesome)
    Sex drive= same (wife sick of me bothering her every hour, my boys are starting to shrink a little)
    Blood pressure is normal, i have been checking it daily just because?
    twice today it was 115/78, and 121/85
    I was thinking of scheduling a physical with my doctor around week 6-8 because im a little nervous, what do you guys think?
    I also had a little scare yesterday, my nips were sore and i started to freak just a bit. I remembered that i went tanning and it was 10 days between visits, i think i cooked them a little. They feel normal today, whew!
    I have also been noticing more vascularity in my arms and legs, my legs expecially, is this normal? My veins have veins on them.
    I will add more when there is more, i guess i have a week or two before i start really seeing it eh?
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