question when to start next cycle?

  1. question when to start next cycle?

    I just finished a sd cycle and now on my first week of post cycle . After my post Im going to run some blood tests to see if everything is in order . Id like to run a cycle of tren , how much time do u think i sould wait to do it ? assuming that my blood results would be descent . and what dossage do u recommend i should take ?

    stats. been lifting for bout 3 years
    age: 21
    height: 6'1
    weight: 220
    bf: 12%

  2. time on + pct = time off

    and if your next cycle is your first run of injectables, tren's probably not the best choice to start out with

  3. Drew1200, Is correct, But I like to take at least three months off just to be safe. ANd have your blood checked before you start another one to make sure you are back to normal levels.

  4. I agree with the tim on + pct = time off idea.

    I think you meant TRN, not tren...if so, read up, there are plenty of logs. I would recomend something along the lines of 2/4/4/6, but a lot of people have reported a dramatic increase in sides at 6, so be careful.

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