My 1st cycle

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  1. My 1st cycle

    Alright, I've just started my first cycle. I'll be using a 6g 1-test 9g 4-ad in 240ml for 4 weeks. I'm also trying German Volume Training. I'll use Nolva post cycle. I'll be eating around 4000 calories the first 2 weeks and up to 4500 the two other weeks. I have no digital camera but I'll keep you up with the results.

    Starting Stats :

    189 lbs @ 14-15%BF
    Chest : 40"
    Arms : 15"
    Waist : 32"
    Thighs : 24"

  2. PS : Watch out when you spray your upper legs... you might accidently spray your nut sack and it burns like crap man!!!!!!!!

  3. 4th day. Had an arm/shoulders workout today. Pump was great. Not much difference in strenght. I weighted 191 this morning... might be due to water retention. I'm eating like a horse most the time.

    Side effects :
    -Acne on Upper legs
    -Great Pump
    -Increased Sleepiness
    -Increased appetite

  4. sounds good bro. just make sure eat a lot of cals like uve been doin and no probs.

    good luck.

  5. First week over. So far so good. I weighted 194 this morning which means a 5lbs increase in a week. Of course some must be water, other than that, I feel incredibile pumps and I wake up more energized than ever. I sleep like a baby. I can't wait to see the final results! 3 more weeks to go !

  6. Bask in the waking upi energized while it lasts. At about week 2 the lethargy will probably start to kick in. Unless you are one of the lucky ones. hehehe TTY

    PS Keep us posted...
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  7. 10th Day : Another Arm workout today... WHAT A PUMP! I had a 1.5 inches pump!!! Biggest pump I ever had. Im up to 196... 7lbs in 10 days... woah. I never ate that much before... I guess this cycle is busting all my plateaus. I can't wait to see 3rd and 4th week results... More on that later

  8. 12th day : Had a Chest/Back workout... it was waaaaaaaayyyyy easier than it used to be... time to load some more weight. I hit 197 lbs! Damn Im building muscle around the clock. My waist is half a inch larger but that was expectable. No lethargy so far... I guess Im one of the lucky people! I seem to respond very well to PHs, Im very happy with the stuff so far. My goal of 200 will be reached way before the end of this cycle. Hopefully I wont lose much on post cycle. More on that later.

  9. Yo doc, where you from?

  10. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    Yo doc, where you from?
    You know it KC Im using your stuff afterall

  11. I figured when i read that you sprayed your nutz but your handle was different. Glad to see you're enjoying the results!

  12. Hey C2G or KC may be you can help. I am using the transdermal calculator and plugging in numbers for T1 Pro. It has 10 g 1test, and 5 g 4AD. I put in 60 days, and 240 ml.
    The result say 166.67mg of 1test a day, and 83.33mg of 4AD a day. The one I don't understand is the # of sprays a day. The result say 28 squirts a day whereas on the bottle it says 7, twice a day. Can you clarify?

  13. Not 7 twice a day, it says 7 sprays per ml. There is 240ml per bottle, 240ml divided by 60 days is 4, meaning 4ml per day. Divide that for two applications and it gives you 14 sprays, twice a day.

  14. Ahhh ok, helps if I read before I rip off the label huh? Good, I can up the dosage.

  15. How of you been taking it so far? How many sprays?

  16. Trying to Hijack my thread? Heh heh

  17. Damn we gotta stop doing this, i don't even realize what thread i'm responding too i have like 30 threads in my email box everymorning and just click away hehe. Sorry bro!

  18. Goal reached after 19 days still 9 to go. Yes, I weight 200 now. I'll post final stats at the end of the cycle.

  19. Good stuff bro, keep on pumpin!

  20. Good work.. TTY
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  21. Now up to 204 and still 3 days to complete my cycle... But my bottle will last longer for some unknown reasons, probably due to the spray bottle.

  22. Botttle should last 28-30 days, have you been spraying 28 sprays twice a day? I'm switching to a gel as soon as the bottles come in BTW.

  23. Yep 28 Sprays X2 time a day... It should last 30-31 days... due to spray innacuracy obviously.

  24. Cycle Ended yesterday but since I still have some stuff left in the bottle, Im going to gradually drop the amount of PH every day while starting Nolva at 40 mg a day for the next 2 weeks. Here are my new stats :

    206 lbs @ 15%BF
    Chest : 43"
    Arms : 16"
    Waist : 33"
    Thighs : 25" (My left knee was starting to hurt so I dropped out before breaking something)

    Well... that's 17 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About 15lbs in LBM. Hopefully I wont lose much. Started Nolva this morning... damn it tastes like a strong alcohol with an horrible lasting time... is that normal?

    See you in 4 weeks when I'll start my cutting cycle

  25. Awsome.. TTY
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