BACK IN THE GAME! - PP/Alb Recomp.

  1. BACK IN THE GAME! - PP/Alb Recomp.

    Hey guys I'm back! After a long time away I finally have a 2 month period where I'm going to be at home doing the normal grind. I want to take advantage of it and get back into good shape.

    It's been 6 months since my last cycle, and my goals here are going to be to drop BF, but also hopefully take advantage of some muscle memory and get my strength back to my peaks.

    Stats right now are:

    Height - 6'2
    Weight - 210
    BF% - too high!

    I work from 4pm to 2am, but I have time for some short breaks during this period. That said, I work best when i'm not stuffed, so I'm going to eat most of my food in the morning/afternoon, hopefully this lets me work well at night, and work well with my training.


    20mg PP
    8mg TST
    ?mg Albuterol
    600mg gemifibrozil

    All for 4wks.


    I plan on going to the gym after my morning drill which includes breakfast/shower. I want to consume 2/3s of my cals in the first 4 hours of the day right around my workouts. I want to see if this will allow me to add some LBM while on a cal deficit, hopefully it will. I'll be taking the albuterol and the gem 2 hours after my workout, as to avoid some of the anti-anabolic properties of these compounds. Albuterol dose will be somewhere from 8mg to 16mg, depending on how my anxiety is.


    I want to gain back the strength I've lost, while dropping BF. Overall weight I'm not concerned with, but dropping the fat is my main goal.

    Feel free to post any thoughts or questions. I'll post some updates along the way. Hopefully I made sense in this post

  2. This is how my diet will look:

    Recomp Plan - What do ya think?

  3. Theory Post

    I think it's worth me posting my idea behind this. I wouldn't have wasted my time if I didn't think there was something to this madness.

    PP and TST are for obvious reasons, but I hate running a cycle just for the purpose of a cut. I wanted to see if I could get that elusive recomp.

    Together with my diet plan, the most interesting part is the mix of Albuterol and Gemifibrozil. Gemifibrozil is a fibrate, and if you don't know alot about fibrates then you should head to MnM for a better indepth read. Gem is basically a PPAR antagonist for our purpose here.

    It has been said that gem is a very affective tool for anti-fat gain, but not that great for losing weight. That is where the Alb comes in. Thought it's been awhile since I've read up on it, I remember it's actions decently well. One of the actions is that it frees up fatty acids, at least at a rate faster then the body would unassisted.

    So we can see here that in the evening I use the Alb, if at the very least for a rise in metabolic rate, but hopefully to increase fatty acids in the blood. The gemifibrozil in turn increases the burning of fatty acids which hopefully turns into overall increased fat loss.

    By using the timing that I am, I hopefully get the anabolic action of the DMT and my food intake during my workouts and the hours after. Then, in the evening, my body (chemically assisted of course) begins to use fatty acids as fuel.

    If at least one person made it though this all, then it was worth posting.

  4. this is going to be a great log...nice couple of posts
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  5. I'm looking forward to hearing your progress on this as well. I've read a little on gem and would definately like ot see some first had results. Plus I am thinking about running alb sooner or later firs the first time, probably before summer hits or maybe during.

    But good luck bro. It's nice to be back huh? Took about 5-6 months off myself...

  6. How long are you planning on running the Gem?

    Looks like a good plan, it's interesting to see how you've decided to distribute your calories. I'm currently on a quest for the mighty recomp myself. No goodies for me though, just a standard moderate fat carb cycle. Good luck and I'll be watching.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Popa Murph
    How long are you planning on running the Gem?

    Looks like a good plan, it's interesting to see how you've decided to distribute your calories. I'm currently on a quest for the mighty recomp myself. No goodies for me though, just a standard moderate fat carb cycle. Good luck and I'll be watching.

    I currently already use the Gem if I'm going to be eating a cheat meal, so I've used it a few times per week for the last few months. During this cycle I'll be running it for 4 weeks once per day, with possibly Sundays off.

  8. Anabolic Pump should be out within 7 days or so i highly recommend it for recomping, i was using it with Clen till my clen ran out and was getting awesome recomposition.

  9. Time for some updates. Started late last week and got my first 2 starting workouts in. I love my split so things are a full go. Also, thanks so some anti-anxiety supps I'm taking the alb isn't causing any problems so I'll try to go 4mg 3 times per day.


    I'd be estatic if I could drop my waist 2 inches and keep my other measurements. Might be a tall order, but we'll see.

    Waist: 35.5
    Chest: 42.5
    R Thigh: 24
    R arm: 15

    Pretty disappointing overall, basically have made no progress in the last 6 months. I'd like to get the waist to 34.

    Besides that, I don't really have anything to report.

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  10. Oh, maybe I do. I should post my suppements I'm taking. These I've been doing for awhile and generally just help with my work endurance and recovery.


    3g fish oil
    1 cap of Lean Extreme

    Pre Workout

    8 caps Omega Thunder
    4 caps Omega Lightning
    2g beta-alanine
    5g Citrulline Malate
    5g GEE


    5 scoops of X-tend

    Post Workout

    3g GEE
    1g beta-alanine

    ~ 3 hours PWO

    2g AAKG


    3g fish oil
    1 cap Lean Extreme


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