my ongoing cycyle results with 1ad w/1,4andro

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  1. my ongoing cycyle results with 1ad w/1,4andro

    Ok guys here goes nothing.

    Im 34 years old, been training for aobut 7 yrs on and off and about 2 pretty hard. Back when i started lifting i weighed in at the big 145lbs. I have done a couple of cycles in the past.

    1. "One +" = gained 23lbs everyone i know was just amazed. starting weight was 170lbs.

    2. "One" = not sure how much i gained i was using it to cut up for the summer. wasnt really watching diet that close.

    fell off the wagon for a while, im in the military reserves and got called up so as you know the training and diet went to s**t!!! so i went back down in weight quite a bit.

    3. "super one+" = WOW! strength and weight shot up like a rocket. made it to 195lbs, diet still wasnt that clean i was drinking N large like it was water so i know i definitely gained some fat.

    ok im back home and back to work and now i have been off everything for about 5 months. now this is going to be my cycle:

    1ad=600 mg daily for weeks 1-3 ( week 4 im gonna jump it up to 900mg)
    1,4 andro= 600mg daily for weeks 1-4( im gonna use this for all 4 weeks)

    Then take 1 month off and use 6oxo

    Then i am gonna try and do the homebrew route for the next month. im pretty excited about this stuff. im going to make a bottle that has 12grams of 1 test in it. i wanna use this stuff now but i had some bottles of 1ad that someone gave to me so you know you cant just leave stuff laying around.hahahah

    ok right now i am following a beverly international diet and i made the trip down to see them over the weekend and my bodyfat is 9% right now.

    measly measurements are as followseverything is in inches)

    neck 17
    shoulders 51
    left bi 16 1/4
    right bi 16
    left forearm 12 1/2
    rigth forearm 12 3/4
    waist 34 1/2
    left quad 22 1/2
    right quad 22 1/2
    left calf 14 1/2
    right calf 14 1/2

    i will be posting some pics in the next day or so to keep tabs on the whole cycle i wanna let the guys that have never done a cycle of any prohormones see what happens when you do a cycle.....

    wish me some lean weight gain... im trying to get into shape for a family reunion by july 4th....
    talk to ya soon!!!!

  2. First off, thanks for defending our Country. I think the sig below says it all. I can't adequately express my gratitude.....

    Second, try selling the 1AD in the swap section and start with the transdermal. 1AD is descent, but it doesn't compare to a good 1-test transdermal. I have tried both and the differences are measurable.

    Either way, good luck

  3. dont worry bro, ull be lean, mean, and makin bit*hes scream in no time.

    good luck my man!!!

  4. Good luck bro--i would suggest a little mote time off between teh cycle you are doing now and the transdermal you are looking to do after--1 month may not be enough, give it a month after you fiinish the 6oxo so your body can get back to normal.. i went from 1ad and then did t1pro after only a month and i got shut doen hard after the t1pro, anywya, good luck

  5. here are some pics...
    this one is back relaxed ( back grows really easy for me for some reason)

  6. this is just standing there kinda side view

  7. front bi

  8. ok its day 3 and the nose is running like crazy, isnt this a problem that alot of people experience when they first start taking 1ad?
    nothing to report as of yet, tomorrow morning will be the first big workout since starting it.

  9. well its day 6 and yesterday i dont know what happened but lathargy was a huge factor, i felt like i had been up for about 5 days straight. a couple of zits have shown up on my shoulders which is normal for me on a prohormone cycle. another side effect i have been having is some pretty nasty headaches, i have read i should try to drink more water so yesterday i took a gallon jug with me to work and tried to make sure i drank it all. no real weight changes as of yet...

  10. ok today is day 6 and workout felt wicked, i think its finally starting to kick in. great pump and i felt like i could go forever....
    havent noticed any weight gain still, im wondering if i should up my daily dose of 1ad im at 600mg per day i was thinking of taking it to 900mg for the duration of the 4 weeks. the reason im saying this is because i have done other cycles and im wondering if i just have to jump start my system.....

    cheated real bad yesterday i ate a small pizza and breadsticks, it felt wicked all those carbs!!!!

  11. do i have this post in the wrong section?.... just let me know...

    well its day 7 and im getting ready to go to the gym, i decided to up the 1ad to 900mg per day to see if better gains will result. i got on the scale and im up 2.5 pounds, could be water who knows.

  12. I think ill post new pics at the end of this week to see if anything has changed. In my eyes i dont think much has but we'll see.

  13. well its day 9 just woke up and nothing to report as of now. yesterday and today were days off the gym so kinda a boring day.

  14. well its still day 9 and its time to crash, what i noticed today is that i felt pumped all day. so i guess that is a good thing....

  15. day 10 here and just got done with workout, weight went up a little on some excercises, though definitely not as much as when i was on Sup one+. oh well i knew coming into this i wouldnt be gaining as much with an oral.
    i have read most people really see their gains on the 3rd and 4th week so i am looking forward to that.
    im up 3lbs right now. i think ill take some measurements in a few days to see if anything has changed.

    my buddy that has never done a cycle before is ballooning up pretty good. he is already up 5lbs easy.

    To all the guys that have done cycles in the past:

    Do you have to keep raising the amount of 1 test everytime you do a cycle to get your body to respond?

    thanks for the input..........

  16. from what i have heard, probably not every cycle, but ur body prolly does get somewhat of a tolerance. i could be wrong tho.

    can we get an update?

  17. its day number 13 and my workouts are going great, unreal pumps but the thing im concerned about is i have only gained 3lbs. is this normal with an oral, when i took super one + my weight was steadily climbing.
    ive noticed alot of people have their gains coming in the 3rd and 4th week so im just curious what everyone thinks is happening.ill have updated pics on here by weds. hopefully some more weight will come my way................ im really regretting not going the transdermal way now...

  18. is there a chance that u have leaned out a bit as well? not bad. i did a 2 week cycle of just 1AD and gained about 4 or 5lbs, and kept it.

    ive also heard that the majority of ones gains does come around the 3rd or 4th week.

    hows ur poundage on lifts goin? increase much at all? maybe try and up ur cals by 400 or so.

  19. id say me weights only went up about 5 lbs so far, that is 5lbs using dumbells. really kinda sucks i was really hoping for so much more than what im getting right now on the cycle.

    i know for a fact after the month off ill use a homebrew 1test/4ad combo.

  20. damn bro, sorry to hear it. hopefully they'll increase more over the remainder of ur cycle.

    is ur 1, 4 a diol or dione? im guessing diol, correct?

  21. its a diol, its boldione from molecular... this has been bumming me out pretty bad!!

  22. Boldione is a dione. Its all good anyway.

  23. ok its day 19 and im about to go to the gym. i am up to 183 so i have the big 4 lb gain. unreal!!!! so disappointed. i feel like the money got wasted. i do feel fuller and strength is coming up but i dont feel anywhere near what a transdermal does.
    this is quite a learning experience and it only makes me want to start my homebrew a little sooner. i now look at my desk with all my supplies and im excited to mix up a wicked brew for the 2nd part of my cycle. hopefully i will see the results im use to.....
    im runnin behind on the pics, family came in from out of town so that has been taking up most of my time. i will try this week though.
    by the way the diet has gotten a little worse, havent had time to do all the ccokin i have been. plus working alot of doubles at work so time has been limited.
    take it easy bro's

  24. IMHO, a 4 pound lean mass gain in less than 3 weeks is pretty good - especially since you're not a beginner.  Keep in mind that certain PHs (like 4-AD) cause you to retain water which appears as weight gain but is not true mass gain.  1-AD is claimed to not retain water.

    I used a 600mg/day cycle of 1-AD about a year and a half ago.  My "cycle" was too long at about 8 weeks total (the first couple weeks at 300mg/day).  But in that time I gained about 18 pounds (15 of it stayed on) and my squat went up nearly 100 pounds!

    You mentioned something about being hungry?  1-AD made me eat like a teenager (I'm 40).  Don't fight it - it's your body trying to grow - just avoid junk food as always.  Take a cutting cycle afterwords if needed.

    I've recently started experimenting with homebrew transdermals mainly because I want similar results with less substance (and cost!) and, hopefully, less strain on the liver/kidneys.  So far it seems to work.

    Good luck!


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