Mini-micro cycle?

  1. Question Mini-micro cycle?

    Just been thinking about 3-4 day cycles. The uses I see are 1) If you're doing the Pete Sisco thing and working out once every couple weeks or more, placing your single workout on the second day of 4 days of prohormones might help, and 2) for the kind of athletic event that doesn't care about performance enhancers, rock climbing on a weekend or something. Mostly for the strength/endurance boost on the second one, there.

    "Crazy, but it just might work?"

    Or maybe just "Crazy."

  2. Unless its a dht product it will be useless. TTY
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  3. Well, 1-test was actually what I had in mind--so it'd work?

  4. In my experience it's taken more than 4 days for there to be noticeable size or strength increases on pure 1-test. It's quite suppressive, too, so I don't think such cycles would do much good.

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