half life of halodrol?

  1. half life of halodrol?

    I'm still having trouble deciding how to dose my halodrol. I'm on day 4 maybe, and have been dosing in the morning (whole pill). Someone recommended i dose half in the am, then half later.

    What is the reason for that? My dosing regimen was so that i would have it out of my system by nighttime (so my body makes some test while i sleep, keeping my balls kinda active..), but if hte half life is extremely short, doing the staggered dosing totally sounds like the way to go.

    any input would be hugely appreciated.

  2. No one knows the exact half life. You're still going to be shut down either way. You might as well spilt the dose to at least try and keep levels the same. There's no need to swing your hormones like that, it will cause more sides.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Popa Murph
    No one knows the exact half life. You're still going to be shut down either way. You might as well spilt the dose to at least try and keep levels the same. There's no need to swing your hormones like that, it will cause more sides.
    "The hypothalamus reacts to this increase in testosterone by decreasing Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) secretion. GnRH stimulates production of lutenizing hormone (LH) which is responsible for testosterone production in males (estrogen in females), and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is responsible for stimulating spermatogenesis in males (ovulation in females). A good portion of your GnRH and subsequently testosterone (85% or more) is produced while you sleep, with test levels spiking shortly before you wake up. This partially explains mornin wood. (You can take advantage of this if you use test suspension or dbol, as both have a very short halflife. Take a 5-10 mg of dbol in the morning upon waking and it should be out of your system by nightfall. This means that most GnRH production will continue as usual. During the day, that small 15% or so is replaced by dbol or suspension which, and you're still comin off the test spike produced early in the morning upon waking... so you've high androgen levels both day and night). "

    So was i reading that wrong, or are you disagreeing with it? I also should add that my friend ran this same cycle, dosing in the mornings, and didn't notice any shrinkage. (also, you shouldn't say 'shut down', since this is only suppression, and they aren't the same)

  4. Alright, nm about all that i just posted then...

    *but*, let me ask this. if halo being dosed in the morning (half pill), then dosed again a few hours later (half pill), then what IS the reasoning for that?

    If we are assuming we're suppressing ourselves hard with this, and that the halo is our needed test, then wouldn't we be doing the halfs 12 hours apart, to avoid ups and downs?

    Furthermore, if we believe that we are not making much test at nighttime anymore while on halo, and we know that the majority of muscle growth occurs during sleep, why are we suggesting to take the halo early on in the day, setting ourselves up for low testosterone levels when we'd want them the highest (and when our body does, as evidenced by normal hormonal activity)?

  5. You have some very interesting theories.

    Exogenous androgens will inhibit natural test production.

    If you take so little to never exceed natural production but just enough (any) to inhibit you have a negative net.

    Halo is not your test.

    You split it up as evenly as possible to sustain even levels.

    I suggest you read up on basic steroid use and effects on the body and quit getting this other stuff in your head.

    Good luck.

  6. 'this other stuff'. so you disagree with what i quoted? That was from some reliable people, stickied at wannabebig.com

  7. basic steroid use > this other stuff

  8. Quote Originally Posted by B5150
    basic steroid use > this other stuff
    sorry buddy but b5150 is right and even if the theories were true 100% halo is not test suspension or dbol. You wanna split the dose to keep constant levels in your system, why would you climb the same stair over and over again when you can climb to the top of the stair case. Maybe try expanding your horizons and read some info on this side of the fence, more is better when were talking about educating yourself about your body.

  9. i agree, that's why i'm here.

    Let me ask you this: why not just do half a pill upon waking, and half a pill shortly before bedtime? Shouldn't that be the optimal then?

  10. The question you need to answer is, do you want to learn what you are doing or just when to take a dose?

    What is your post cycle therapy? How old are you?

  11. a little of both lol
    no i mean i am doing a staggered dose for now and am sure it's fine, but want to learn more about the why's. Any suggested sites/articles for reading would be appreciated.

    i'm 23, my pct is nolva (not gaspari, tamoxifen), but i may start it asap since i'm being paranoid about my left nipple...

  12. bump: this thread is really old, but does anyone have any solid numbers for this?


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