my cutting cycle

  1. my cutting cycle

    ok....everybody seems to be tryin to cut for summer so i thought i'd give my cycle...with a coupla different ones here maybe it'll give some comparison...

    anyways, I began my cutting actually in Feb and weighed 220. not sure what bf % was but i'd guess somewhere around 18-20%. had a 38" waist.

    only supps i took were eca, whey prot, r-ala. cals about 2500 per day, approx 500 below maintenance.

    Beginning Saturday May 3,

    3 alpha
    milk thistle

    Beginning Wednesday May 7

    added 1-test (12g in 240 ml t-gel)

    Beginning Wednesday May 14

    added ucp-1

    workout split

    monday shoulders
    tuesday back
    wednesday chest
    thursday legs
    friday rest
    saturday arms
    sunday rest

    cardio is mtn biking 2-3 times a week and riding bike to gym, short errands, etc.

    what i've noticed so far....

    since feb i dropped 20 lbs...down to 200. since starting the 1test, my weight is closer to change in diet or workout routine. waist is 34" and muscles look harder (at least I think they do)

    i'm anxious to see how the ucp-1 will do and am thinking of addin t-heat to the fray...this little spare tire around the middle is awful....

  2. Just curious bro, but are you taking any Saw Palmetto for the prostate because I noticed you'll be on 1-Test and 3-alpha

  3. Originally posted by Iron Warrior
    Just curious bro, but are you taking any Saw Palmetto for the prostate because I noticed you'll be on 1-Test and 3-alpha
    nope...i guess i should tho but i'm only gonna be on this for 4-6 weeks max.

  4. What dosage of 1-test you taking? How may ml?

  5. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    What dosage of 1-test you taking? How may ml?
    i cant remember offhand...I have the transdermal calculator (I think MattD sent it to me if i remember right...or curt..) anyways, its on my computer at work.

    been on ucp-1 since wednesday and too early to tell about fat loss i think. only sides i've experienced is feeling hot like i have a fever and a mild headache. applied my first dose of t-heat tonite....

  6. looks good man. How many squirts are you doing? 1 squirt = 2ml, and with 12g in a 240ml bottle thats 100mg per squirt, a very hefty dosage of 1-test I'd say. Good luck with it, and I'd also get some saw palmetto with that 3-alpha.

  7. Yeah, bump on the saw palmetto, i felt my prostate get tight on my second 1-test cycle and have been using it on my latest cycle and feel nothing. How long are you running the 1-test? If only a month that'd be a hell of a high dosage with no 4-ad.

  8. ok...the amount of 1-test is 400 mg/day...2 squirts 2x per day. assuming 45% absorption thats 180 mg perday. also, not sure what the deal is but seems like the lethargy isnt as bad now as when i first started. i'll give the saw palmetto a shot. i'm only runnin this cycle for 6 weeks and will compelete it the first of June. Gonna do some 6-oxo post cycle too.

    thanks for the help...

  9. wow, that's a boatload of 1-test bro, if the lethargy doesn't set in too bad, then it could be great IMO.

  10. ya...i know...i thought it worth the try. not sure why but seems the lethargy was alot worse early on than it is now. i woulda thought the lethargy would be worse as i go along. seein some nice strength increases and thats cool. when lethargy gets too bad i pop a coupla ephedrine tabs and that helps.

    one thing i'll add is saw guys convinved i'll stop and pick some up on my way home today...

  11. well nuthin to report is the same...strength continues to improve. one thing has me baffled is that i havent lost anything, at least according to the scale. I'm still at 204. But as I look in the mirror, I like to think I look a little leaner, esp in shoulders, traps and arms. anybody else have this happen with ucp-1? basically i'm using ucp-1 and 1-test...thats the core of my stack.

  12. I'm still weighing at 204, but from what I gather, this being just into my second week of this I should start seeing some bf reduction. I think I mentioned before that I look a little leaner, which is an indicator of bf reduction, plus vascularity is better. I know something's goin on because every time I take my dose, after awhile I start feelin hot....havent gotten sweaty tho.

  13. Msclbldrguy what's your diet look like? What's your split?

  14. Originally posted by NPursuit
    Msclbldrguy what's your diet look like? What's your split?
    well, here's what i've eatin today...typical

    during w/o serving muscle milk (in water)

    after w/o serving opt whey prot (in water) with flax oil

    breakfast 7 egg whites+3 yolks, 4 oz turkey breast, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup ff cheese.

    lunch chic breast, vegetable, 1/4 cup ff cheese, 1/4 cup whole wheat noodles.

    cup ff cottage cheese and sometimes eas carb sense bar

    whey drink like above

    muscle milk like above

    i dont like relying on prot powders this much but with my schedule only way i can get enuf protein.

    i train one bp per day. today i did chest:

    incline db press 85x8, 90x5,5
    decline db 95x5,5,4
    flat bench db 95x4,100x3,2
    peck deck flye 150x6,5

    did legs yesterday:

    squats 135x10, 185x6, 225x4,4 245x2
    leg press 720x5, 810x3
    sldl 225x6, 245x5
    standing calf raise (mach) 300x9, 320x6


    BB curl 75x6, 85x5, 100x4,5 105x2
    Incline db curls 35x5,5
    close grip bench 185x7, 225x6,4
    O/H db press 70x8, 80x6,5


    Mil press (Standing) 125x5, 140x4,5,3
    Arnold press 45x6,7
    DB side lats 15x8, 20x6
    BB Shrug 315x7, 365x6


    Deadlift 245x5, 315x6 (both done with no straps), 365x2,2
    Wide grp p/u bwx5,4,4
    hammer str pull down 230x6, 250x3,3
    seated cable row 16platesx5,5,4
    hyperextensions 65x6,5

    Thats about it. for cardio, i mtn bike 2-3 times per week and ride to the gym and back every day. Squats arent that great because I've never gone below parallel until recently and this has been like learning to do 'em all over again.

    Also, I'm using 1-test as can see my dosage in previous post on this thread. This prolly isnt the most efficient way to workout when cutting....but it has worked for me doing like this before...keeping the poundages high and reducing the volume or work.

  15. Sorry homez. I meant your diet split p/c/f?

  16. Originally posted by NPursuit
    Sorry homez. I meant your diet split p/c/f?
    sorry...i get carried away sometimes....I dont have the specifics with me but I believe I'm takin in approx 300 g prot, 100 g carbs and have no idea about the fat...i'd guess somewhere around 50-60 gms per day.

    i blew it all to hell sunday tho with what i ate....then got brave and weighed yesterday...been consistently weighing 204 and weighed 208 yesterday. that really blows. i know alot of it was just bloatedness but still. i really hate trying to cut. and am about 10 lbs heavier than i had hoped to be at this point. oh, well... at least i'm a stronger fatboy than i used to be.

  17. today is my last day on ucp-1 and friday will be my last day on 1-test. I;ve started 6-oxo and will continue it post cycle.

    My results so far are that my body weight has remained unchanged, but I can tell I'm a little leaner esp in the shoulders, traps and quads. I seem to have gained some muscle and lost some bf at the same time. Could be on to something here...anyways, will post after a few days have gone by...that'll probably more accurately tell the tale.

  18. Only 2 weeks on the 1-test... I would have run it for 4 weeks. The greatest results come in weeks 3 and 4.. TTY
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  19. Originally posted by curt2go
    Only 2 weeks on the 1-test... I would have run it for 4 weeks. The greatest results come in weeks 3 and 4.. TTY
    ooohh....I guess I gave the wrong impression...when I finish my cycle tomorrow I will have run 1-test for 4 bad.

    bw remained constant at 204 so I reduced my bf% and gained muscle and strength gains were almost as good as on a bulking cycle. I bet if i eat close to maintenance, for me about 2500 cals per day, or maybe a little more and use 1-test maybe I'd start lookin like a monster...heh...well, I can dream, cant i? btw...bdc's t-gel with dmso used with 1fast's 1test powder is awesome stuff.


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