Please critique my Halo cutting cycle.

  1. Please critique my Halo cutting cycle.

    i am going to start a 4 week halodrol/trenadrol stack shortly here and wanted some feedback. i will be cutting. this will be my first cycle, at this time im just looking to lower bf and get some nice strength gains. if i get bigger, cool; if not, whatever.

    age: 27
    have been holding steady @ 205lbs with a really crappy diet (diet has been cleaned up drastically the last couple weeks, ive already lost a pound or two from that alone)
    hoping to drop down somewhere between 185 and the low 190s.

    here is my typical workout schedule, which i dont plan on modifying (unless i am advised to do so):

    -weight lifting 3 times a week.
    -train brazilian jiu-jitsu for 2+ hours 3 times a week.
    -sometimes i add an hour of boxing to that once or twice a week.
    -cardio will be increased to 40 minutes or so 6 days a week, early in the am, roadwork and hill sprints. (up until now ive only been doing 20 mins on the treadmill after weightlifting, the majority of my cardio comes from bjj training)

    here is my proposed stack:
    halo 50/50/50/50
    tren 6/6/6/6
    anobolic innovations Cycle Support during the cycle
    fish oil

    my post cycle therapy is still up in the air. do i need to get my hands on some nolva or will i be ok with some over the counter stuff like retain, ActivaTe, ect?

    does that look ok? too much? too little? should i start them both on the same week, or should i stagger them? i see lots of people like stacking mega-zol with halo, id rather not spend any more money right now if it is not necessary.

    also i have some xceed, white blood, and diesel test 2010. do i need to bother with those on cycle or should i just save them?

    if this goes well i may do another cycle or two and bulk back up to a (leaner) 205.

    any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Cycle looks pretty good, but I would probably start the tren at 4mg and titrate as needed.....alot of people complain of pretty bad sides at 6mg, but i personally have never used it. As for the halo I've used it as a lean bulker and absolutely loved it. I would def start at 50mg/day, but I didn't see alot of results until I bumped to 75mg/day and then eventually 100mg/day over a 5 wee period. Now that's just me and you may respond very well to 50mg/day. It's always wise to start low and gauge your response to the compound. Good luck with the cycle.

  3. thanks for the input.

    my pills should be here tomorrow, and my tamoxifen citrate is en route. im still researching what should complitement that the best. i leaning towards rebound xt, which i can pick up locally. all in all, i should be ready to go.

    i decided to not worry about adding mega-zol. maybe another time. i did decide to add T3 and Guggulbolic Extreme to the mix since this is a cutting cycle. ive never done T3, im curious to how it good it works.

    i'll update this sometime next week.

  4. Cycle looks good. no need to add anything else while on IMO. I never tried Halodrol but have tried MegaTRN the same as what you are referring to as tren. That stuff is good for cut while adding strength. I didnt use it on a cut but at the end of a bulk. IMO keep the ReboundXT at a low dose and only towards the last few weeks of PCT, for me it killed libido.

  5. is there something other than rebound xt i should look into?

  6. well, thats about the extent of it now on the market. Alot of companies have the same compound. ATD. 6oxo I noticed never touched my libido but its kind of weak (which sometimes can be a good thing) and a little pricey for what it does. I personally have a lot of it from before ReboundXT came out. SOme people will argue the use of an AI during PCT so idk its up to you. Rebound Reloaded is a good one, so i hear......

  7. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    SOme people will argue the use of an AI during post cycle therapy so idk its up to you. Rebound Reloaded is a good one, so i hear......
    do you think something like letro or aromasin would suit me better stacked with nolva; rather than nolva/rebound? what evidence supports the prescription stuff being more effective than the OTC stuff?


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