Check this link out

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    Question Check this link out

    Tell me what you guys think, it's the cycle with thier choice of products.

  2. Def not the cheapest even though it states that. Why buy ZMA when you can go out to let's say target and get zinc and mag for a hell of a lot cheaper. As for the other products I wouldn't waste my time or money. You can get much better results with far less money.

  3. looks like a big pile of poop to me

  4. LOL definately junk!

  5. Nice smiley biggs

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    Ya I figured, I mean over priced for the Zma anyways. I perfer the little side effects I'll get from t-1 pro than this multi supp cycle. Right kc

  7. Originally posted by Biggs
    looks like a big pile of poop to me
    Agreed. ZMA is only effective if you're deficient in zinc and Trib is useless, unless you're looking for a hard on every 3 hours. You might as well throw your money in the
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    lol good one draven lol

  9. Those $119 could be better spend on clean food T-1 Pro, Creatine, or other supps that work

  10. Actually, I'm coming out with a similiar stack except mine is going to be called the "Just Got Robbed" special. In it I will offer absolutely nothing and make it available for a low sale price of $120! While supplies last...

    What's sad is that one day that will be the most effective legal supplement stack out there...

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    haha good one chemo


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