Bryan's First Cycle

  1. Bryan's First Cycle

    Well folks I just broke the ice and applied my first dose! I'll give you guys a run down of my first cycle. I'll be using a transdermal containing 6g of 1-test. I weighed in at 161lbs this morning after taking a nice pee and an excellent dump.

    -To add some quality LBM while staying lean or even getting leaner =P

    -Vitamins(bcomplex/glucosimine/vitc/multivit and fish oil caps)

    -Lots of Vit C/Zinc/Flax
    -Keeping cals high for 2-3 weeks

    -250-300g of protien daily
    -3500 calories
    -High Protien/Mod carbs(mostly low gi)/mod-low fat(EFAs/Mono)

    Day1 - Chest/Tris
    Day2 - Shoulders/Traps/Abs
    Day3 - Back/Bis
    Day4 - Legs/Abs

    Training will be based around heavy compound movements

  2. Why did you not add the 4-ad with it. The lethargy and liminess may not be too nice running 1-test by itself.. TTY
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  3. because I'm a stupid jackass

    I thought about maybe ordering some 4ad pills but the risk of them getting seized at the border sucks

  4. well after much discussion and research I've decided to aim this cycle towards leaning out more and trying to add some lbm in the process. So i'll be eating just below maintence using a high protien/fat low carb diet. basically everything else is staying the same.

    Oh and this could just be my head playing tricks on me but it seems like my muscles are already harder.

  5. Its your head.. TTY
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  6. yah thats what I figured, considering its on day 2

  7. BRian--give that kitchen chemist guy a email or pm if you are still looking for the 4ad--it will be worth it--i tried a 1ad alone cycle and was so lethargic it sucked--either way good luck

  8. Second day is over, I feel more amped up than anything. Also picked up some Saw palmetto.

  9. 4th day, all is well Muscles are definately harder now. I had a tad bit of a DMSO rash on the application site but it went away in a hour or so. I noticed if I sweat within 2-3 hours of application I get a little rash that subsides after 30-40 mins.


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