Sendo's Superdrol/Tren/Test/T3 cutting log

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  1. Sendo's Superdrol/Tren/Test/T3 cutting log

    **Disclamer**The following is all part of an online character I'm role playing as. His name is Sendo. None of it is all real, it is an imaginary character/story of someone who will be using these substances and working out. I hope you all enjoy this ongoing story.

    This is in preperation for my cutting log. Starting Monday I will be taking 2 weeks off working out to kind of reset my body. I will be resuming again October 9th (assuming my Test E and Tren E arrive in time).

    My cycle will be the following:

    Week 1-12: Anabolic Innovation Cycle Support
    Week 1-6: 25/50/75/100 T3 tapered up and down
    Week 7-12: Yohimbe (dosage yet to be determined)
    Week 1-8: 150mg Tren E 2x/weekly (300mg/week total)
    Week 1-12: 250mg Test E 2x/weekly (500mg/week total)
    Week 1-3: 10mg/20mg/20mg Methyldrol (superdrol knockoff. same crap. Might do a week 4 depending on how I feel.)
    Week 4-12: 250 IU HCG 2x/weekly

    Originally I was going to use Tren Ace for weeks 1-4 instead of methyldrol, but I decided I didn't want anymore Tren in my body than I needed. Granted superdrol is just as bad or could be worse, but I'd rather use another compound instead of just using a shorter ester of Tren.

    Post Cycle Therapy will be as follows:

    Day1: 300mg Clomid
    Week 1-2: 100mg Clomid/daily
    Week 2-5: 40/40/20/20 Nolva daily
    Week 1-6: Lean Extreme 3-4 caps daily
    Week 1-6: AI Cycle Support
    Week 1-4: LR3-IGF1 40mcg daily immediatley after workout (note this may be changed to oratropin later. I'm still undecided which I would prefer. Plus Oratropin is $100 more than LR3-IGF1).

    For to prevent Hair loss the following will be implemented throughout the cycle and throughout post cycle therapy:

    Spironolactone in known problem area 2x daily
    Emu Oil in known problem area 2x daily
    LLLT x 20 min /day

    Currently: 200lbs @ 15-16% bf.
    Goal: 200lbs @ 10-11% bf

    Beyond that I'm looking to increase strength while I'm "on". I generally struggle to keep my strength while cutting if I'm not "on". To me strength gain is just as important as LBM. However I don't have any set strength increase goals. I'll just take them as they are sure to come.

    I may lower the tren to 250mg a week. I have 2 weeks to decide on that. I love tren but I think I may have been doing too much the last time I did it. I was pinning 50mg ED. I think I could've gotten by on 35-40mg ED.

    For all purposes I plan on updating my weight/bodyfat once a week. However I will give my own personal thoughts on the cycle/my workouts/what I see in the mirror on a daily basis.

    I hope to make this a good and insightful log that people can use as a reference. This is pretty pricey (by my means anyway), but I feel I've got all my bases covered and that I'll be doing everything right. No half assing it.

    I have arimidex, letro, and cabergonline on hand just incase I need them in addition to my nolva/clomid. So on cycle gyno should not be a problem either.

    I may make some updates before my projected cycle start date. In the mean time let me know what everyone thinks of this upcoming cycle.

  2. ill be watching this. should be a very good addition to the board along with a good cycle. obviously, a faster acting test would be best but if you dont wanna pin so much i understand. Everything looks solid. Are you going to cut calories too?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    ill be watching this. should be a very good addition to the board along with a good cycle. obviously, a faster acting test would be best but if you dont wanna pin so much i understand. Everything looks solid. Are you going to cut calories too?
    I'm going to keep calories at maintenance for the first 2 weeks and see how it goes. If I'm able to bring my bf% down then I may increase it a little bit (100-200 calories or so) to see if I can get away with more.

    I know for a fact I can do maintenance and lean out, but I'd like to add more food in there if possible and try to add some more lbm. Chances are later on in the cycle I may have to add more to avoid losing muscle.

    As far as the shorter acting prop. I thought about it. I have 5 syno carts I could convert, but I really hate prop. Plus this gave me an excuse to see what drol was about. I have 3 bottles sitting here. I want to see if the strength gains are as amazing as everyone says they are.

    Thanks for the interest. I'll keep this updated on all aspects. Strength gain, fat loss, lbm gain, and hair status. I'll also add in my own mental state while on cycle.

    All in all I hope to make this a great log.

  4. I am also curious on the rave of superdrol. I have bout 180 caps sitting around to. Debating whether I should start an oral only cycle with super, super and test e, or test e, eq, dbol. I feel I have recovered from my last cycle but I still have a few more days of my planned PCT. Ill start a different thread to see when i should start my next cycle, so i wont clutter up your log. Looking forward to it, when you starting?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    I am also curious on the rave of superdrol. I have bout 180 caps sitting around to. Debating whether I should start an oral only cycle with super, super and test e, or test e, eq, dbol. I feel I have recovered from my last cycle but I still have a few more days of my planned post cycle therapy. Ill start a different thread to see when i should start my next cycle, so i wont clutter up your log. Looking forward to it, when you starting?
    I'm starting oct 9th, this is assuming my Tren E and Test E arrive.

    Don't worry about cluttering my log. Personally I don't think I would ever run an oral by itself, primarily because oral cycles re so short. I think you're a Sdrol, test e, and dbol cycle would be an incredible strength/bulking cycle.

    My next bulker will look like something similar I think.

  6. Small update. My Tren E and Test E has finally arrived. I'm pretty excited.

    So everything is still on schedule for my Oct. 9th cycle. I've decided to go ahead with 250mg Tren E. I was doing 50mg a day of Tren Acetate but I think I could have gotten by with 35mg a day. Which is about 250mg a week.

    I'll start there and see how I'm doing about week 4.

    I would like to post a picture of my delicious stuff I have for my cycle but I am not sure if posting pictures would be against board rules.

    Even though that the stuff I have in the picture is not AT ALL real. It is completely fake. Props that are just being used for my story.

  7. ***Day 1***

    Today was the first exciting day of my cycle. Finally after 2 weeks off of working out I was ready to make my second attempt at a Tren cycle.

    I woke up this morning and made a firm decision to go ahead and do 250mg Tren E and 500mg of Test E weekly as opposed to my original plan of 300mg of Tren.

    I made my way to the bathroom and made a good visual inspection of my body. For lack of a better word my physique appeared flat. Muscle mass was there but it didn't look as full as when I'm actively working out. I then proceeded to weigh myself . Stepped on the scale and I weighed out at 208 lbs. Along with not working out for 2 weeks I also ate dirty. I thought if I was going to try to shock my body when lifting weights that I might as well shock it diet wise as well. Plus it was pretty enjoyable being able to eat whatever I wanted.

    After getting my initial stats I started loading up the syringe. First I loaded the Tren E into the barrel. It came out to about .6 ml or a bit more. Then came the Test E, being half awake I didn't realize how much to draw at first. It seriously took me 30 minutes to figure out what I needed to fill the syringe to in order to get the 250mg of Test I needed for my first injection of the week. My bottle is a 300mg/ml bottle. I finally realized that tren and test combined would equal 1.5ml in the syringe. I drew the additional amount needed and swapped out to a 25 guage needle.

    I decided to pin my thigh. I've always been good with thigh shots. I put on my latex gloves and swab the area to make sure the site is clean. I proceed to aspirate and then slowly inject. It goes in nice and smooth; no problems what so ever. I then bleed slightly. I swab the area again and put a bandaid over it.

    All in all a smooth inject. I was pretty happy and really excited about what my first inject would bring to me 3-4 weeks later.

    I also took 25 mcg of T3. Not rocket science here. Sucked it up with a syringe and squirted it in my mouth. I took 1 Methyl-Drol (superdrol clone) cap with me to work to take around lunch time.

    Throughout the day I felt great. Ate some food and quickly came home and hit the weights as soon as I walked in. I was severely disappointed. I was really shocked to see how 2 weeks off effected my stamina. My strength was increased slightly because of the time I took off however I took a major stamina hit. Though I don't feel my workout was up to par I am not concerned. I should be back in full force in a week or two.

    As the night passed my injection spot got more sore and more sore. Currently it is very sore whenever I go from sitting indian style to extending my leg straight. I don't even think my prop injects felt this sore. There is no lump and it's not warm to the touch. I suspect that this is just because I am used to home brewing and I make my concentrations fairly strong so that way I don't have to do large injections. This is my first time injecting 1.5ml in 1 spot. So I think it's just me being a pansy and not being used to it. I think eventually I will get used to it and it will not be sore, but in the mean time I plan on alternating every other week between my thigh's and my glutes. I'm sure my glutes will handle 1.5ML with no problem. Actually on second thought I think I may change it up like this:

    week 1
    Monday Shot: Left Glute
    Thursday Shot: Right Thigh

    week 2
    Monday Shot: Right Glute
    Thusday shot: Left Thigh

    The reason being that I do my leg day on tuesdays. I feel I would have a less likely chance of being uncomfortably sore on my leg days and would have better workouts. Can anyone give me any suggestions on this? currently these are the only spots that I think could comfortable hold 1.5ml. I don't think shoulders, bi's or calfs could hold that much. I'm trying to avoid lats as I always seem to form lumps there whenever I try those for injections spots.

    Anyway, all in all I'm pretty excited to be starting this cycle. I know I can't expect much yet. I'm hoping to see some strength increases from the superdrol by the end of week 1 or beginning of week 2.

    I'll give another daily update tomorrow. I will try not to make it as long as today's update.

  8. good start. I will be watching closely, i like the way you logged the first day. very detailed.

    what # cycle is this for you injecting wise?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    good start. I will be watching closely, i like the way you logged the first day. very detailed.

    what # cycle is this for you injecting wise?
    Thanks. This is cycle #4.5 for me as far as injections go. I graduated from transdermals, to orals, to injections. Now I'm trying to do a little combination of orals and injectibles.

    The .5 cycle comes from my last attempt at Tren that I cut short because of my paranoia of shedding hair. I've got all my bases covered and should be able to nullify any hair loss. After today I'll be giving hair status reports as well.

  10. How do you plan on monitoring hair? I always thought looking in the mirror somewhat inaccurate

  11. Pretty, I like it, I had aspirations of the same dosages, length, compounds and a simliar goal. So I shall be watching

  12. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    How do you plan on monitoring hair? I always thought looking in the mirror somewhat inaccurate
    It is inaccurate in the sense that you can't tell to what degree you're shedding. Especially if you look every day.

    Typically when I shed hair I shed from the back of my head. While none of these are accurate measurements of hair loss/thinning. I plan on using a mirror, amount of hair lost in the shower and opinion from the person who cuts my hair.

    I feel the shower measurement will give me the best picture. When I was on 1test I definitely lost alot more hair in the shower as opposed to when I was off cycle. My last attempt at Tren was the same way.

    If you have a particular way you'd like me to update my hair status let me know. I want to include as much detail as possible. I know that hair loss is a big thing for people who want to use Tren.

  13. ***Day 2***

    Woke up this morning and my leg is alot less sore. I was comfortable bending it and walking as normal. Took a shower and no more hair than average came out while washing my hair. Maybe 3-4 hairs.

    I brushed my teeth before taking the T3 to make sure that any that wasn't swallowed could be absorbed through my mouth. Again only a 25mcg dosage.

    I went through the day feeling fine. Took a cap (10mg) of Methyl-Drol and continued about my day. I finally got home about 5:30pm or so. Started working out around 7:30pm.

    Today was leg day. I was sore, but was not about to cancel my workout just because of a sore inject spot.

    I'm not sure if it was the drol or if it was just my mind, but I felt considerably stronger while doing squats. I was able to squat more even with a slower negative. I felt as if I could have jumped off the ground with the amount of weight I had on my back (380lbs) I was pretty happy with todays workout. Deads were really solid as well. I feel if my grip was stronger I probably could have added quite a bit more weight onto it.

    All in all I really feel great about today's workout.

    Thursday I will go ahead and inject in my left thigh. Then next week I'll proceed with the glute/thigh inject protocol as I mentioned earlier.

    While my soreness didn't effect my workout; I would rather be without it.

    I have great expectations of this cycle. I'm making sure to drink lots of water. I'm close to 2 gallons a day. Trying to be safe due to the combination of Tren and the Superdrol. I'm really looking forward to the workouts to come from a week from now. I'm hoping to see nice strength gains.

    Of interesting note I felt a little bloated today. Again I'm sure this is unrelated to the cycle seeing as I've only been on it 1 day now.

  14. So this is going to be a 2 part post since I forgot to post yesterday.

    ****Day 3****
    Woke up really late. I'm not sure if I'm lethargic or really just truely low energy but I'm feeling tired alot. I nearly fell asleep at work several times throughout the day.

    Woke up and took my 25 mcg T3 and went to work. I have to say I'm feeling very hungry all the time now. Making things a bit difficult since I'm trying to cut up a bit. For the time being I'm going to use sheer willpower to keep my diet in check; however if it get's worse I may add in a very low dose of ephedrine to suppress my appetite. Not the best thing to do while on T3 I know but the hunger pangs are unlike anything I've ever felt before.

    My Leg which had felt better suddenly felt much much worse today when I woke up. However there is still no lump at the inject site. It's not warm to the touch and I don't feel sick nor do I have a fever. I really don't know what the deal is.

    I came home for lunch and ate some chicken and rice and some Methyl-Drol. yum

    I tried to get myself ready for my workout, but between my lethargy, intense leg pain and hunger pangs I decided to just rest and eat.

    I eventually went to bed and fell asleep with a heating pad on my leg.

    ****Day 4****
    Woke up this morning and my leg felt quite a bit better, but it was still very tender and painful. I woke up and took my morning dump, washed my hands and pulled out my gear to get ready.

    I put on some latex gloves, swabbed my left thigh and my viles, and pulled out the appropriate amount of gear (250mg Test E/ 125mg Tren E = 1.5ml). I decided to use the Z Track method this time. I had never done it before so I was unsure how much the skin was supposed to pull up. It didn't feel like much but I could see the needle bend if I let go of my skin so I knew that it had to be right.

    I slowly injected into my left thigh while still holding the skin tight, last thing I'd want would be to pull out a broken needle from my leg.

    I took the entire thing into my thigh without a problem. I then brushed my teeth, took 50mcg of T3 and made my way to work.

    I kind of went of diet today because my dad wanted to go to lunch before I took him to the airport. I tried to keep it as healthy and high in protein as possible though.

    Not as lethargic today as I was earlier this week. I took my Methyl-Drol after I got home from work. I sat around and played some xbox 360 before hitting my workout.

    Today was back and biceps. I warmed up by doing some wide grip pull ups. I went to do bent over row's and quickly re-injured my wrist (I've been trying to recover from this joint injury for the longest time. I quit doing the bent over row's and proceeded to one arm rows instead. I felt pretty beastily doing them. While my stamina wasn't quite there I was definitely feeling stronger and able to put up more weight than what I had been able to do before. I felt a slight pump in my lats which was nice, but it wasn't anything big.

    I went back to bent over row's and decided to just do light weight but high volume to avoid injuring my wrist. Again I felt a small pump when ever I reached the end of each set. Nothing huge.

    I proceeded onto the EZ bar for biceps. I had to lower the weight slightly from hurting my wrist earlier, but nothing that would drastically change my workout. At the end of my first set I had such an intense pump going. I was forcing myself through each rep because each pump was intense.

    I really don't know if this was the drol or the fact that I had just come back from a 2 week break. Either way it felt great. Each set ended in a pretty intense pump. I was loving it. I continued onto concentration curls where the pumps were even more pronounced.

    I did a few concentration curls but I think my arms were so dead at this point that I really didn't feel much.

    I tried to do some reverse curls to work on strengthening my forearms in hopes of avoiding future wrist injuries but I wasn't able to do more than 5 at a time due to the fact that I hurt my wrist earlier.

    All in all I think I had a pretty decent workout. Oddly enough though I don't feel fatigued anymore. I felt really fatigued during my workout but now I feel like I could go back and do another back/bicep routine.

    When I do chest/shoulders/tri's again I'll know for sure if it's the drol that's giving me the strength increase/pumps or if it's my time off that is doing it.

    I'm pretty stoked though.

    On a side note I feel like I'm bloated a bit. I'm not sure if this is my imagination or if I am bloating. I wouldnt' think bloat would come on this quick. Actually I wouldn't think I would bloat at all with Tren and drol in the mix.

    I may take an AI if I feel I'm bloating more. I don't like seeing bloat, it just makes me feel fat which plays games with my head and can force me to overtrain. Though I'm on gear and it's less likely, I'd rather not deal with the mental side effects that I may have from seeing bloat.

  15. I forgot to mention. My left leg isn't sore at all (today's inject). My right leg got sore 3 hours after the inject. I'm guessing it was a bad inject or something. I will be using the Z track method from now on for all my injects. Hopefully that will cause the pain not to return.

    Also my hair is in tip top shape. No excess shedding. It's looking healthy and thick/full. Definitely a good thing.

  16. ****Day 5****

    I again slept last night with a heating pad on my leg. I woke up this morning feeling signifigantly better; however the pain was still there and pretty bad. I was able to walk normally though.

    It appears that I do indeed have a lump, and it is red, and it is warm to the touch. I don't know how I missed this the days previous. However it seems to be resolving itself so I will continue to just keep applying heat and massaging the area.

    My wrist also hurts quite a bit too. It's not enough to stop me from doing most of my exercises but all pulling exercises with an overhand grip give me pain. I will be avoiding these for quite a while until my wrist feels better. Until then I will try to strengthen my forearms/wrists further to try to prevent future injury.

    I woke up this morning and took 50mcg of T3 along with 1 cap of methyl-drol.

    I still had a slight pump in my biceps from the workout last night. I was very pleased to feel fatigue in my biceps and in my back. Mostly because I feel my back doesn't get worked out well but yesterday it obviously was worked to the max. Hopefully I will continue to have great workouts like that throughout my cycle.

    I was going to hit chest/shoulders/tri's again today but I decided given my leg/wrist situation that I should probably rest until at least monday or tuesday.

    Beyond that there really isn't much to report today. I again still feel a bit bloated. On an upside though my lethargy seems to have subsided. I will be weighing myself on monday and taking caliper measurements.

    I didn't take actual caliper measurements before my first injection. I just guestimated. So my measurements coming this monday will be reference for the rest of my cycle.

    With the exception of my leg I'm feeling pretty good. My hair is still holding strong too. I'm definitely feeling a little bit stronger as well. I'm hoping that the drol kicks in and I expierence the phenomenal strength gains everyone raves about.

    There won't be much in the way of updates for today and tomorrow as I'll just be taking my t3/drol. I'll probably just give updates on my mood/appearance/ and leg status.

    More to come tomorrow.

  17. ****Day 6****

    Woke up today and my leg felt great. The lump has gone down alot and it definitely alot less sore when walking, but still tender to the touch.

    Went to the bathroom and took 75 mcg of T3 and 1 cap of methyl-drol. Tried to call my g/f but got no answer. I decided to lay back down on the heating pad just because my leg felt normal now when I did this. After this week of painful hell I wanted to just feel normal for as long as possible.

    I ended up falling asleep. Not a bad thing I suppose. I got up about 2 hours later. I had a really weird dream about being a super hero and having a sister with super hero powers as well (I don't have a sister in real life). I stayed awake for 30 minutes then I again decided to go back to sleep.

    Slept for about another hour and half and dreamt some more. My superhero sister died in this dream. It was pretty graphic. I was badly injured too. I lost a hand and had internal bleeding, but she was really messed up. (lol I know this has nothing to do with my cycle at all, but the dream was amazing. Guess you had to be there.)

    Anyway I decided to stay awake this time. Went to the bathroom and did my business. Took my shirt off and looked in the mirror. The bloat appears to have gone down a *little*. I'm going to wait it out another week to see if it subsides. If it doesn't then I'm going to start arimidex @ .5mg EOD.

    My hair is still rockin solid and I'm in a pretty positive mood. Still taking time off. I suspect both my wrist and thigh will be fine by monday. Which will work out great since this will be 1 week after I started drol. I will be able to see if there is any noticable strength gain.

    I'll also be able to take some stats this week. From here on out every monday I will include my caliper measurements. I'll be doing a 9 site measurement. I feel this will be a good addition to my log.

    So far my thoughts are indifferent. I had some good pumps, my hunger is definitely up, I'm slightly bloating (slightly but enough to annoy me). All in all I don't have anything to brag about yet. I'm hoping the drol kicks in hard sometime this week. I'm really wanting to see some nice strength gains. I'm eating at maintenance so I should be able to see somewhat *decent* strength gains. We'll see what happens.

  18. ****Day 7****

    Woke up today bright and early. Took 75mcg of T3 and 1 cap of drol. It appears that bloat has gone down a little bit more.

    My leg appears to be doing better. I don't even feel any pain or ache when walking now, but there is still a small lump in my right thigh. I'll just avoid injection there for this week and I should be ok.

    I feel a bit warmer than usual. This is most likely related to the T3 use. I'm in a pretty positive mood, my hunger is still up and my hair is holding together rock solid.

    Of interesting note, I think my vascularity has increased ever so *slightly*. I want to emphasize the word slightly. Also I do feel noticably harder. Like I just got done working out or something. This is pretty pleasant. I could definitely get used to feeling like I'm pumped all the time.

    I still haven't expierenced any painful back pumps that so many other users complain about.

    Anyway, tomorrow is my big day. I'll be taking my weight and caliper measurements. I may also start taking waist measurements as well since that's my main goal. I'd like a better chest to waist ratio.

    Tomorrow I'm also going back on the weights. My room mate seems to want to work out with me lately (he doesn't know I use gear). He's severely overweight. It annoys me that he won't get his diet in check but constantly complains about being fat. For example: he asks me if brown rice is good to eat in a diet. I explain that it's a great carbohydrate to put into your body along with things like oats or green vegetables. So what does he do? He makes some rice and eats 5 cups of rice (yes.. 5) and some fried chicken.

    Mostly what bugs me is that he takes so long to do his set. I'm constantly having to turn off the TV. He doesn't understand the concept of shortening your period between sets. Or he'll sit ther after I've done my set and stretch for 5-10 minutes. I mean why couldn't you do that while I was doing my lifts? And do you need to stretch after every single set? Some of the stretches he does aren't even stretches.

    Ok so my mood is good but I just realized I may be a tiny bit edgey. I really just don't like my workout being screwed with, but at the same time I'd like him to hit the weights with me and TRY to get in shape. I like him he's a good guy but lacks motivation to do things right.

    Ok enough venting. This should be a log for my cycle, not a *****fest about my room mate slacking.

    I'll keep you guys updated tomorrow for my official 1st week report. Should be good.

  19. dont worry about him. if he gets in the way of your next set and still isnt on a set of his own then just go again before him. Train hard even if he doesnt and dont let it get to you.

  20. **** Day 8 ****

    Today has been both great and really horrible. I woke up early this morning to take all my measurements. Basically I'm in the high teens on most all my measurements.. really saddenning. My only single digit was my bicep. Apparently I've dropped 2lb. Which is pretty amazing because I look like I've actually gained size. Initially it looked like bloat but that went down and it looked like actual mass. I'm pretty happy about that.

    Today was another inject day. Along with the start of 100mcg a day and taking 2 caps of methyl-drol. So I loaded up my barrell with 250mg test E and 125mg Tren E. Slowly jabbed it into my ass and injected. Now this was a first; eventually I got to a point where no more wanted to go in. I kept pushing down on the plunger and eventually got it all in.

    For some reason I was really sweaty after the inject. Probably a combination of my bathroom lights (I swear those things can double as heaters) and being in an awkward twisted position for so long.

    After doing that I brushed my teeth, took 100mcg of T3 and took 1 cap of Methyl-Drol.

    Went to work and got alot accomplished. I decided to go home for lunch as I always do. I like to cook a fresh lunch everyday. Well I get home and I have no electricity. I thought we lost power as it had been raining really hard in the area. So I go around to where all the electric meters are. Mine is the only one not spinning. I call my room mate to ***** at him because it's obvious what's happened. He didn't pay the electric bill. So I have no electricity at home.

    No worries, in addition to my home gym I have a nationwide membership to 24 hour fitness.

    So I get off work 4 hours after discovering I have no electricity and eat some food and pop another cap of Methyl-Drol.

    I drive to the gym and am really excited to see how much stronger I've gotten.

    I load up some warm up weights on the flat bench that I can normally feel stress from but is still fairly light. It get's my muscles nice, warm, stretched and ready for heavy weight.

    Well I push up the weight and I'm like WTF. It feels like I have nothing on the bar. I pump 10 reps and rest for about 60 seconds.

    I'm a bit confused so I load up my typical heavy load. I pump out 10 reps like it's nothing. I begin to question whether this bar weights 45lbs or not. I quickly throw out that idea as that would be stupid. I'm positive the bar weight is correct. In the end I ended up adding 20lbs onto my bench. I was truely amazed. I was thinking the drol wasn't working because I feel *ZERO* side effects. I think I can contribute this to AI's cycle support and the large amount of water I've been drinking.

    My entire workout was amazing. My muscles were rock hard after my workout. Veins were popping out even at my high teen caliper measurements. I'm no where near the biggest guy in the gym but man I sure felt like it today. That's the kind of mental boost I got from my workout today. I felt super confident and like the biggest baddest dude in the gym.

    My time at the gym was truely amazing. I can tell I'm going to add some incredible strength even though I'm running right under maintenance right now.

    I'll post my measurements, bf% and weight tomorrow. I have all that written down at the house (I'm at work now just to use the internet to post mylog) and it's pitch black in there so I can't see anything.

    Tomorrow is also legs (I'm ridculously strong lower body) so I'm pretty excited to see what happens tomorrow. If I can break 500lbs tomorrow I might just bust a nut right there on the gym floor. Wish me luck, lol!

    Oh real quick mood is high (obviously), my hair is rockin and not falling out, my leg is almost fully healed, my libido is slightly up, and I have no sides as of yet. All in all it's been a great great great first week.

  21. Glad everything is rocking out, keep at it.

    I'm enjoying your log. Thanks!

  22. As promised here are my stats, Note I tend to take my caliper on the high side of things. I find that I'm closer to my actual reading this way:

    9 site Parillo (all measurements in millimeters):

    Pec: 12
    Abdomen:18 (yikes)
    Suprailiac: 16
    Bicep: 8
    Lower Back: 18
    Upper Back 14
    Thigh: 18
    calf: 10
    Tricep: 12 (this is a guesstimate. I can't measure this one by myself).

    BF = 16.5%
    total LBM: 172 lbs
    total Fat: 34 lbs
    total weight: 206lbs

    ****Day 9****

    Woke up this morning and made my way to the bathroom. I had to grab my flash light because I still did not have electricity. Downed 100mcg of T3 and 1 cap of Methyl drol. I can't comment on how I looked visually because it was way to dark for me to tell.

    I took the coldest shower of my life (electric water heater). I got out, towel dried and went to work.

    I pretty much ate subway all day today. I have no good food at the house anymore (probably all spoiled in the refridgerator with no power). Came home and thank god my electricity was back on.

    So I decide to pop another Methyl Drol cap and hit the weights. Today was leg day. To be honest I just wasn't feeling it today. To be honest in comparison to yesterday all my workouts at home seem to really suck. I think I'm going to start making it habit to force myself to go to the gym now instead of working out at home. While I like the convenience of working out at home, I don't feel like I push myself as hard.

    At the gym I feel like I have 50 training partners. At home I have my lazy room mate. Plus my power cage being right next to the litter box doesn't exactly help my motivation.

    In any case. I worked out with 380lbs. That's typically what I squat in my sets (between 380-400), but I wasn't feeling it to push myself any harder. So I did a regular work out and then came to sit down to write this blog.

    So starting tomorrow I'll be going to the gym instead of working out at home.

    Of interesting note. My mood seems really really elevated. I seem to be chattier and more outgoing. People also seem to be coming around me more. It must be the test kicking in. Test is the best after all.

    I can't comment on my hair today because it was pitch black when I took a shower.

    My leg is in one piece and is almost healed. It feels like a light bruise at best right now. Can't even really call it pain.

    Tomorrow is back and bicep day. I plan on going to the gym and trying to make it a killer workout. Not going to try to let this workout get me down. Besides I have pretty good legs. It's my upper body that lacks.

    It's weird I have great bone and joint structure lower body. In my upper body however I have tiny joints and small bone structure.

    Also looking for some input. Currently I'm doing the same workouts twice a week, with legs only once a week (I feel they're much more developed than the rest of my body). Does anyone have a workout routine they'd like to recommend for cutting? I'm interested in what people like to do when they're cutting.

    Thanks.. More updates to come tomorrow

  23. Quote Originally Posted by mymilkexpired
    Glad everything is rocking out, keep at it.

    I'm enjoying your log. Thanks!
    Thanks bro.. I'll be doing my best to keep a detailed log.

  24. Something of interesting note. I seem to be getting alot more attention from women. I don't know if it's the gear just making me think that or if I'm giving out some sort of vibe that I normally don't give off.

    But it seems pretty apparent to me that I'm getting more attention from the opposite sex.

    Also something of less interesting note. My body odor after working out has gotten horrible. My diet is clean and my sweat typically never smells like this. Whenever I'm at work or something however my odor is fresh. Only when I'm lifting does it seem to get a bit thick.

    Are these two related, I seriously doubt it, but they both are interesting to say the least.

  25. Good to hear everything is going well, bro.

    The attraction women are feeling may be the increased test. I've read studies that females are typically more attracted to males with higher levels of testosterone. It's like they have a sixth sense that picks it up. I don't really believe this, but whatever. In my opinion, it's just that you're a sexy *****. LOL!

    As far as the sweat smelling worse, it happened to me too. Also mosquitos & flies seemed a hell of a lot more attracted to me while I've been on. It might just be a figment of my imagination though thanks to my insomnia.


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