Possible bulking cycle for winter

  1. Possible bulking cycle for winter

    just thinking ahead a bit, tell me what yall think
    wk 1-12 900 mg 1,4
    wk 1-4 8ml t-1
    wk 8-12 8ml t-1

    what do yall think?

  2. Gonna need post cycle supps, otherwise looks good bro! Gonna buy the bulk stack here or what?

  3. ah man, i aint got nuttin but love for my brutha Chemo , but yeah, I was thinkin about how much clomid im gonna have to suck down after this one... terrifying thought

  4. Not really bro, i'd say get a bottle of both clomid and nolva and run them together for like 3 weeks. Can't be any harder than gear on the system. There are many others with more knowledge on the subject though.

  5. WW7 brought up Wardog's "cruising" method, were u go full out for 4 weeks, then for 2 weeks u cut back on dosages and run anti-e's, then go back at it again. Looks cool!

  6. Yeah chemo and bobo were talking about it on chat last night all jibberish to me hehe.


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