I started friday with v-12 and NOX3, v-12 of SAN and nox3 of Universal.

This is my status:

18,5 years old
1.89 meter long
95 kg (without any AS) (started at 58 kg...)
2,5 years of training experience
BF is below 10% (somewhere between 6 and 9)

These are the supplements i'm on:
v-12 (SAN)
nox3 (universal)
Super pro 91% (vitalife) (normal protein)
mega 100 (vitalife) (multi vitamins)

My workout scheme:
monday: legs
Tuesday: Chest+biceps
Wednesday: back+lower back
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Shoulders+Triceps
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: repetion of the whole cycle.

I have to work on thursdya and saturday. so that explains the 2 rest days. Sometimes i take an extra rest day, when i can't work out from pain in my muscles or something else that came between.

This is what i eat during a day:

when i get up: nox3, v-12 and 1 pil multi vit.
30 minuten erna: breakfast, 8 slices of brown bread, 2 with tuna, 2 with chicken filet, 2 with cheese. about 200 gram yoghurt.
15 minuts after breakfast: protein shake with 0,5 liter milk.
10 AM: a banana, the rest of the tuna that didn't go on the bread, 4 slices of brown bread, 2 with chicken filet and 2 with ham (or whatever meat we have left).
half hour prio to lunch: NOX3
12.00/12.30 (lunch): protein shake of 0,5 liter, 4 slices of brown bread (or one of those big french breads) deluxe (with all those vegetables/fruits on it), proteine bar (vitalife), 2 slices of brown bread with meat and 1 pill of multi vit.
14.00/15.00: half a liter of water and some fruit
17.00/18.00: dinner. potatoes (6 pieces), piece of meat, vegetables (3 full spoons). yoghurt as desert an a pill of multi vit.
20.00/21.00: about 250 ml of milk and some fruit
22.30/23.30: protein shake of 500 ml milk.

throughout the week i workout out at 7 PM till 8.30/9 PM. ON Sunday from 10AM till about 12.30/13.00 (usualy legs. so we can take more rest between each set to push more weight up and make more reps.)

On these days i take v-12 30 minutes before workout and after workout a protein shake (the one i normaly take before i go to sleep)

i'm gonna post the folowing status as we proceed through the usage of these supplements:
body weight;
muscle size;
and everything else you want

as you can see i don't do crap of cardio. have to ride on my bike really fast to make it in time for the train to go to school and i go to the gym on my bike. about 20 minutes away from here.

when i first took v-12 en nox3 i noticed an increase of energy. did a few pushups and got a nice pump in my triceps allready

adjustments to my eat scheme is welcome, it isn't such a super scheme.

but my trainings scheme stays as it is. cus this is the scheme i grow best with.

and now your comments!